2014 Hero Ignitor Test Ride Review
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Hero Ignitor Review

Bike Tested: 2014 Hero Ignitor

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 72,670/-

The Hero Ignitor is a re-done Honda CB Stunner, but it’s slightly better than a Stunner.

The CB Stunner was a quite a success when it was launched by Honda. Sporty and youthful design with a commuter 125cc engine made every youth in tier-2 and tier-3 cities literally go mad. A semi-faired motorcycle with a efficient and powerful engine made cash registers ringing for the Japanese brand. Hero also had the same engine but in commuter bodies such as the Glamour in both carbureted and fuel injected forms. Hero still says the 125cc segment brings excellent volumes because of this particular engine. Honda continues to bank on this engine by still offering it in the age old CB Shine and Stunner. This 125cc has the right balance of performance and efficiency. The Shine is the largest selling motorcycle for Honda till date! Hero also does pretty well with the Glamour. However, given Stunner’s success and lack of refreshed variants, Hero MotoCorp decided to put its badge on it and mint and milk more from the 125cc category. This is where the Hero Ignitor comes in and takes the market by storm. If you visit country side more often you will notice the Stunner and Ignitor in good numbers. So how good is this tried and tested engine is what we wanted to find out. After all, a engine sharing more than four bodies has to be something.

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Edgy graphics, good paint job and youthful fonts used on the Ignitor to good avail

Styling – The Hero Ignitor is a compact looking, semi-faired bike which still grabs attention. Reason for the attention is because through some angles or from a far away distance, it slightly resembles the Karizma. People do call it the mini Karizma. However, it’s the Hero Hunk inspired headlight, gloss black finish and neat windscreen which gives it a distinct look from the front. The rear is simple with commuter alike stop lamp and chiseled tailpiece. Split seats add sportiness to the package and so does the edgy graphics on the fuel tank. The sharp looking belly fairing looks good and it’s so rare that it is unseen on most bikes above this segment.

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Raised commuter handlebars, scooped tank, all make for a comfortable riding position

Ergonomics – The seating position is upright and the wide handle gives it a very commuter feel. The front set foot pegs are positioned for a comfortable riding position but forces the rider to stay glued to the tank for maximum feedback, this automatically aides in more space for the pillion. The rear view mirrors are large in size and provide a good view of what’s behind. The seat has excellent cushioning with a huge grab handle to hold on to for the pillion. The tank is well scooped, so you can grip to the tank while riding enthusiastically. Faired bikes offer good wind protection even at maximum speed. Overall long journeys are comfortable on the Hero Ignitor.

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A sign of relief over previous instrument clusters, this one looks quite cool too

Instrument Cluster and Switch Gear – Usually the instrument cluster is the boring part of Hero/Honda motorcycles. The one on the Impulse makes our point very clear. The one on the Ignitor is a huge relief. Slightly funky and some sort of modern-ness is seen here. Round pod has side indicator and high beam placed on the top and neutral shift lights at the bottom. While the digital speedometer at the right and fuel gauge at the left adds some style to the cluster. The digital dash has a clock and two trip meters which can be accessed by the switches on the left side of the fuel gauge. The switchgear is the same found on the various motorcycles in the Honda stable. The left switch performs duties of lights, indicators, horn and pass switch. While the right switch only serves the electric thumb start. Omission of the engine kill switch continues, phew.

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Sweet Honda motor is very refined and loves to redline, outputs a good exhaust note

Performance and Gearbox – The Hero Ignitor is powered by the same engine from the CB Stunner, which produces 11 BHP of power at 8000 RPM and 11 Nm of torque at 5000 RPM. The engine is smooth and refined. The motorcycle has adequate low-end torque and one can potter around in town sedately. Since the gearing is on the taller side (typical Honda) the mid-range and top end is excellent and bike pulls strongly from 60 km/hr to 100 km/hr, after which it stops and does not make any more progress. Like any other Honda engine, it clearly redlines and induction noise is sweet too.

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Tried and tested 125cc engine, consumers stand by it, company milks the idea

Throttle responds to rider input in an instantaneous and linear manner. The Ignitor has Honda’s traditional slick gearbox, which is smooth and fun to go down and up the gears. The ratios are on the taller side. Of the line acceleration is quick but you need to keep revs high to “launch” it. High-speed cruising is stress free and the Ignitor is a bike which is the easy pick in its segment for just the powertrain. However there are quite a few bikes from Hero and Honda’s stable which use the same motor. Mileage is excellent at 60 km/l, something which will be delivered for years.

2014 Hero Ignitor Road Test
Ride quality is good and dynamics are excellent, hard compound tyres play spoil sport

Riding Dynamics – The Hero Ignitor is armed with a diamond chassis, slightly short wheelbase and small dimensions which makes it a fun to ride package. The engine is a stress member of the chassis. Turn-ins are crisp and quick. The Ignitor is really stable around corners. The motorcycle is poised in the corners, holds the line well and takes fast sweepers confidently. This motorcycle is agile and nimble, thanks to the low kerb weight and stiff suspension. Ride quality is stiff, but thanks to the taller tyres and mature suspension setup, it’s no KTM Duke for sure. The only problem are the TVS tyres. Zero grip in the wet and not confidence inspiring when riding near the limit in corners. Disc brake at the front provides ample stopping power and drum at the rear does the job well too. Both levers provide good feedback and have good overall bite.

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Outdated switchgear is now celebrating its tenth anniversary, needs an update now

Miscellaneous – As every other Honda bike, fit and finish is excellent, no uneven panel gaps. Overall build quality is good. The motorcycle comes with a full chain cover and kick lever as standard. Clutch is light and progressive while the turning radius of the Hero Ignitor is short. Ground clearance is ample. Illumination is spot on and so is the spread from the headlight. This Hero product comes with a crash guard, multi-colour rear view mirrors and saree guard as standard. When will Honda/Hero motorcycles get flap mechanism for the fuel filler cap? Year 2020?

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The Hero Ignitor is a stylish and reliable commuter motorcycle with an excellent engine

Verdict – The Hero Ignitor is a bike for people who want a no nonsense commuter which will be extremely reliable. It’s the bike for the buyer who seeks value as well as peace of mind through a small capacity and efficient engine. With the love of faired motorcycles in India, the Ignitor continues to bring good volumes for Hero MotoCorp due to their penetration in deep rural markets and crowded urban areas as well. Buyers who seek value for styling and money have a option which they cannot refuse here. Performance may not be its forte but it’s adequate and the package here makes it a compelling case for those seeking an all-rounder commuter motorcycle without any sacrifice.

The Hero Ignitor is an easy and comfortable bike to ride with a sweet engine to play with. The motorcycle being semi-faired makes it a no brainer for people who just want something stylish with the practicality of a commuter offering.

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Being a re-badged Honda, you know the Ignitor is going to be one heck of a product

What’s Cool

* Styling
* Sweet Engine
* Economy

What’s Not So Cool

* Hard compound tyres

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Hero might have not done much but the Ignitor is among the best 125cc bikes today

2014 Hero Ignitor Specifications

* Engine: 125cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, OHC
* Power: 11 HP @ 8000 RPM
* Torque: 11 Nm @ 5000 RPM
* Transmission: 5-speed
* 0-100 km/hr: 19.2 seconds
* Top Speed: 100 km/hr
* Fuel Consumption: 60 km/l
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Frame: Tubular, Diamond frame
* Suspension: Telescopic forks (Front), 3-step adjustable, twin shock absorbers (Rear)
* Tyres: 80/100/17 (Front), 100/90/17 (Rear)
* Brakes: 240 mm disc (Front), 180 mm drum (Rear)

2014 Hero Ignitor Dimensions

* Length x Width x Height: 2010 mm x 710 mm x 1095 mm
* Wheelbase: 1270 mm
* Ground Clearance: 175 mm
* Seat Height: 795 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 9-litres
* Kerb weight: 129 kgs