2014 Hero Xtreme Test Ride
The 2014 Hero Xtreme is ready to face extreme challenges in the competitive 150cc category

2014 Hero Xtreme Review

Bike Tested: 2014 Hero Xtreme

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 76,550/-

The Hero Xtreme has the right credentials to eat the remaining pie in the 150cc segment.

When Hero MotoCorp displayed their entire range of new and refreshed products at the October event in 2013, everybody was stunned. We as journalists thought that they are going to be launched together and were worried that we will end up testing Hero bikes for three months in a row. Jokes apart, Hero has been launching them in two phases. The commuter motorcycles and the performance motorcycles is what they are divided into. The Karizmas, Xtreme, HX250R are in one batch and others include different variants of the Splendor and Passion. Silently launching the commuter motorcycles and vocally launching performance ones is what is going on at Hero. How you may think? Allow me to refresh your memory. The Splendor iSmart was launched quietly into the market and we were the first to bring out the pricing and review of it. On the other hand, the Xtreme and Pleasure made it to the roads after the official press statement was released. What we have with us today is the 2014 Hero Xtreme. Subtle changes to every department of the Xtreme makes it mark its re-entry into the highly competitive 150cc category? How is it? We get astride for a quick spin to give you a flavor of the motorcycle.

2014 Hero Xtreme Review Test Ride
Well done tank design but nothing revolutionary in terms of styling on the 2014 Xtreme

When you take into account the styling, everything has changed, yet nothing has been changed. Meaning? The changes are small but significant enough to justify the “NEW” tag. The moment you charge towards from the front you notice the headlight cowl is sharper but isn’t catchy or aggressive anymore. The fuel tank remains pretty much the same and the same can be said about the tail-piece, alloy wheels, side panels and one piece seat. The changes are done to the split grab rails, exhaust, tail-light assembly (LED) which now is devoid of integrated side indicators. Fit-finish for the most part is good but we found dangling wires and slightly shoddy welds on close observation, which is away from the naked eye.

Hero Xtreme Facelift Review
The highlight of the package is the loaded to brim instrument cluster, looks good too

The new console is huge and the trapezoid design adds some zing to the package. The instrument cluster shows a key indicator, which signifies the new engine immobilizer. The side-stand warning feature is a brand new addition. There is even a mobile charging dock inside the seat. The seat on the Xtreme has been inspired from dirt bikes and is extremely long, runs from above the tank all the way to the end of the tail-piece. Not to forget it is extremely comfortable and seat height is on the lower side too.

2014 Hero Xtreme Performance Review
More power now marks its entry into the powerful and competitive 150cc category

Performance comes from the same Honda sourced 149.2cc engine. The engine of the 2014 Hero Xtreme continues to produce 14.4 BHP of power at 8500 RPM and 12.8 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM, which is mated to a 5-speed transmission. The gearbox is butter smooth and so is the engine. Friction has been reduced from the engine to make it efficient and last longer. As always, the motor is vibe free and even at redline the powerplant does not send out signs of distress. Overall, the punchy low and mid-end helps you potter around town with ease and gives you adequate punch for overtaking on highways.

2014 Hero Xtreme Road Test
The Xtreme has excellent ride quality, subtle dynamics and good road holding capability

Manoeuvrability in the city is hassle free and the 2014 Hero Xtreme feels quite planted on the highways. The new bigger rear tyre helps improve the already impressive ride quality by a considerable margin. The chassis is the same as the old bike and has gas charged rear shocks from the previous update. Handling is neutral and not exciting enough. The massive kerb weight and 18-inch wheels play spoilsport. The Xtreme is not as fun to ride as the Honda CB Trigger or the Yamaha FZ-S. Braking is good with good bite from the front brake while the rear drum was not impressive with minimum bite.

2014 Hero Xtreme Review
An excellent package that ticks all the boxes for a rider who seeks an upgrade

So to conclude, you would ask as to why should you buy the 2014 Hero Xtreme over the superlative competitive bikes in the same category. Well, if you love Hero’s design, fuss-free ownership, reliability and value for money proposition then there is no arguing, right? Priced at Rs. 1200/- less than the CB Trigger and at least Rs. 3500/- less than the FZ-S for the drum variant, it is value considering it has more goodies, engine has more power and of course let’s not forget, if you find it appealing then there is no stopping you, right?

2014 Hero Xtreme Test Ride Review
Changes to every department makes it relevant but we need a revolution now

What’s Cool

* Performance
* Goodies
* Value for money

What’s Not So Cool

* Same old styling