Mahindra Centuro Review
The Mahindra Centuro is a machine which runs in the urban jungle to deliver the very best

Mahindra Centuro Long Term Review

Bike Tested: Mahindra Centuro
Kms Done: 2280 kms
Test Started at: 2830 kms
Test Concluded at: 5133 kms
Fuel Cost: Rs. 3440/-
Liters: 42.83
Mileage: 53 km/l (Combined), 49 km/l (City), 58 km/l (Highway)

The Centuro makes other 110cc competitors feel dizzy with its extreme VFM proposition

Doing roughly around 10,000 units a month since its launch, the Mahindra Centuro needs no introduction. It was July 2013 when the prices were revealed and with all those goodies on board, it was hard to believe your body organs (ears basically) that the price was the same as other 110cc motorcycles with those gadgets on-board. The Centuro is responsible for bringing the two-wheeler space of Mahindra back into action. The Pantero quickly became famous in the export market and now it’s where it truly belongs. Indians are obsessed with features and value which does not need proof and hence one of the reasons why the Centuro is an instant success. As you all know, we have been living with the Centuro since quite some time now. We gave you a brief idea of how it is to live with the new kid on the block in our initial report. After riding it more, we are here to give you our final verdict on the Centuro.

Mahindra Centuro Front Profile
Pretty much out of the box styling with unique elements make it a fresh design

The styling is well done since day one but some people find it a bit tacky, especially with the golden ribs. The golden ribs in fact are the most defining fact of this motorcycle. The well done paint and flowing graphics make things gel well with the design. The engine belly fairing is unique to this segment of motorcycles and adds flair to the package. We are used to riding with the pilot lamps on as soon as the dusk begins which attracts more people because Mahindra has used LED front pilot lamps and rear LED lamps which are stupendously powerful and grab the eye of every other commuter on the road.

Mahindra Centuro Mileage Review
Comfortable, brisk and tough are the words used to describe the Centuro

The riding position is comfortable with the help of long and wide seats which are well cushioned for short and long journeys. The knee locks onto the tank very well for medium sized riders. However, we find that the footpegs are not completely front set which is a bit irritating to us, not in terms of comfort but in the mind. We ride almost all Japanese commuter regularly which have perfectly done front-set footpegs. Mahindra should either go for completely rearset or frontset footpegs for the rider.

Mahindra Centuro Meter Console
A place where Centuro excels with a tachometer and features which get full marks

The cluster as we all know is the best in the segment by leaps and bound. The most amazing feature is the Distance To Empty. As soon as the last fuel bar starts to blink, it shows the exact kms when the fuel will run out which is super-duper handy for people who squeeze ever drop of petrol or are mileage conscious. By the way the moment DTE begins, there is 111 kms of range left. The tachometer is a huge relief for us enthusiasts and we love to see the needle go up and down constantly. The economy mode is flashed till you are doing under 50 km/hr. Service due indicator also exists on the bike and the same segment bikes are also getting it in their next updates.

Mahindra Centuro Long Term Review
Smooth, refined and punchy 110cc slopper engine sounds different too

Performance as we all know is well executed by Mahindra. 10 seconds to 60 km/hr is pretty quick by industry standards. Slopper type engine is smooth and refined and has many patents for the technologies Mahindra has come up with to give the motor utmost reliability. We have ridden the motorcycle hard and fast most of the time and given it tough cold starts but the engine refuses to show signs of stress. There is a certain jerk at 3000 RPM when we pull from higher speeds on lower RPMs. Although knocking is expected but the jerk seems either a flat spot in fuelling or may be a particular problem in our bike because we didn’t find this problem when we tested it in the hills and back at home base. The exhaust note of the motorcycle has been engineered too and it sounds quite fruity. Don’t believe us? Every commuter we overtook at full pace always ended up looking behind who is overtaking him. We did it with a colleague too and he also did instantly notice the throaty exhaust note. When it comes to mileage, it was on the lower side. Despite it being serviced and the mileage instantly rising by 5 km/l, the overall mileage figure of 53 km/l is on the lower side. Mahindra seems to prefer reliability over mileage as the motor most of the time feels that it is running rich on fuel.

Mahindra Centuro Handling Review
Dynamics are razor sharp, sporty, easily runs neck and neck with the stiff competition

Riding the Centuro back to back with other bikes show how dynamics have become the most important part today

What we are completely in love with are the dynamics. The near sporty touch to the dynamics and the immensely confidence inspiring chassis is just spectacularly done. The way the Centuro is planted through the sweepers is absolutely amazing. The entry and exit speeds are quite high (pretty much on the limit). We noticed this one thing everyday from office to home that we are doing close to 90 km/hr (on the speedo) which is its top speed and changing direction is a piece of cake, you don’t feel a thing. There is no unnerving feel from the front or rear. Half the credit goes to the tyres. The MRF tyres used on this bike make themselves shout ‘premium’ when compared to other motorcycles in the same category. Despite being a commuter, it is insanely rewarding to ride enthusiastically. We remember that the last time we praised a motorcycle/commuter/scooter for its dynamics, it was a Yamaha product.

Mahindra Centuro Performance
Planted at any given speed at any given road, the Centuro does not disappoint at all

Small things are extremely well taken care of. Both levers are unique to this motorcycle when compared to others in the segment and have a different feel to it. Both levers have a small rubber cover over it to hide the cables which always looks ugly. The flap mechanism for the fuel lid is always welcome. Talking about fuel lid, whenever we took it for a power wash, the water would seep in dramatically around the inside of the fuel lid and if not soaked up by a cloth, it is bound to enter the tank. The mirrors are well positioned. Headlight illumination and spread feels best in the segment and truly lights up a dark street and DC lighting helps even at low speeds because it does not flicker like AC lighting equipped motorcycles. The key is the most premium thing in the entire motorcycle industry. The features are well thought of and at first we thought all of this was tacky but we found it useful 2-3 times and we realised that others also go through this sometimes or the other and it is genuinely well done. Best part of the motorcycle is cold starts. Motorcycle won’t start? Just press the choke to the extreme left, kick-start and wring the throttle open, it is bound to start even after two months of hibernation!

Mahindra Centuro Reliability
High quality, well made, tough motorcycle to withstand any abuse given by nature

If we had any complains it would be the weight. At 115 kgs, the kerb weight is on the higher side but given the fact that stability is so awesome, we can neglect it. The engine sound seems a decibel or two more than Japanese motors which means it is almost there with them. You get mirrors, engine guard, saree guard as standard. Accessories remind us of that Mahindra launched an N1 variant making this variant as O1 (Original 1) which just has the digital meter removed and has been replaced with an old fashioned meter. The engine belly fairing has also been removed which makes the Centuro more accessible due to its Rs. 2000/- lesser price tag.

Mahindra Centuro Rear Profile
We are ready to say goodbye to the Mahindra Centuro, it served us very well

Overall, the Mahindra Centuro has passed the test of time at our place, but it is still going on with almost three lakh people who have bought it. Our experience has been fruitful with the Centuro and we think it should be the same with a majority of customers out there. The performance, dynamics and goodies are bang on and so is the value for money quotient. The styling and the new established name of Mahindra (in the 2-wheeler space) will help you stand out in the crowd. Mahindra is purely concentrating on touch-points aka dealership and service networks which is quite noticeable. We just hope the quality of service stays good as we experienced and dealerships keep increasing. There is no reason why you should not ignore this package, if you are in the market for something unique with practicality onboard too.

The Centuro like any other Mahindra product in the world falls in a niche category. With practicality and value for money on its shoulders, it will find buyers who look for something different all the time. 5-year warranty is icing on the cake. The Centuro buyer will live with this motorcycle as he will end up sacrificing very little for something he wanted all the time, exclusivity!

Mahindra Centuro Spare Part Prices

* Paid service – Rs. 270/-
* Engine oil – Rs. 315/-
* Spark plug – Rs. 85/-
* Air filter – Rs. 95/-
* Brake liner – Rs. 249/- (each)

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