Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 Review
The Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 is a limited edition model offered with a diesel engine only

2014 Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 Review

Car Tested: 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Edition 1

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 35,34,875/-

The Edition 1 B-Class boosts the appeal of this large Mercedes hatchback tremendously.

The current generation B-Class, which happens to be in its second generation, has been a very successful car for Mercedes-Benz the world over. In fact, the B-Class has been doing very well in the Indian market too and to celebrate the success of what the company likes to call a “Compact Sports Tourer”, the automaker is bringing in a limited edition model called the Edition 1. The special edition will be available with a diesel engine only and since Mercedes did not offer all the features of the petrol variant on the diesel one, the diesel powered Edition 1 is a move in the right direction. While the performance of the car remains the same, multiple changes on various fronts has made the Mercedes B-Class even better.

Mercedes B180 Diesel Edition 1
The new alloy wheels and Edition 1 decals on the side are the only exterior changes

There are absolutely no changes in the dimensions of the B-Class, it continues to look like a shrunken down MPV although in reality it’s a bigger hatchback, spawned from the A-Class. Long, tall and wide, the B-Class has smooth flowing lines and those LED lights at the front and rear do make it look attractive. The Edition 1 model gets gloss black finish on the rear view mirrors which boosts the sporty appeal of this large baby Benz.

2014 Mercedes B-Class Edition 1Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 WheelsMercedes B-Class Edition 1 Sunroof

The B-Class Edition 1 gets small yet significant changes like new alloy wheels and a large panaromic sunroof

This B-Class also gets decals on the side (below the doors) with Edition 1 lettering. The vehicle gets new 5-spoke alloy wheels which look sporty, the regular diesel B-Class gets 10-spoke wheels which aren’t as eye catchy. The B-Class Edition 1 also gets a large panoramic roof, with the front roof opening completely. This does make the large cabin of the B-Class look even more airy.

Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 User Experience
The B-Class retains the same interiors in Edition 1 guise but gets added features

While the exterior changes are quite limited, the same can’t be said about the interiors. Mercedes-Benz has boosted the equipment list of the car. The vehicle gets a reversing camera which is quite handy but parking sensors should also have been offered. The front passenger seat is now electrically adjustable and there is an Edition 1 badge near the centre rear view mirrors, right ahead of the sunroof button.

Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 FeaturesMercedes B-Class Edition 1 Entertainment Package

The front seat passenger gets electric adjustment for the seat, rear passengers get the entertainment system

The B-Class Edition 1 also gets a rear seat centre arm rest (with two cup holders) while a rear seat entertainment system has also been added to the vehicle, this comprises of two screens which can play video. The rest of the B-Class remains the same, which means you get a cabin which has space aplenty. Cabin quality is excellent, everything feels well put together and there is that feeling of luxury. We would have loved a black finish on the dashboard instead of the wood finish as that doesn’t look as sporty.

Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 Test Drive Review
There is no change to the engine of the B-Class diesel, it produces the same output

Mercedes hasn’t touched the engine of the B-Class diesel, the B180 CDI still drawing power from a 2.2-litre motor which belts out 107 HP of power between 3200-4400 RPM with 250 Nm of torque being thrusted out between 1400-2800 RPM. Now this powerplant isn’t going to set the tarmac ablaze but still there is plenty of pep to keep the B-Class lunging ahead in both the city and on the highway. The 7-speed gearbox is a bit slow to respond but the smoothness of the transmission covers up for it, you have paddle shifts too which help take care of cog swapping should you need an immediate downshift. 0 – 100 km/hr takes 10.46 seconds as per our VBOX runs, which doesn’t make the B-Class particularly quick. What the modest output figures do help in, is mileage. The B diesel is a frugal vehicle, returning a stellar mileage of 14 km/l in city driving conditions.

Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 Road Test
Suspension has been tweaked for improved ride quality, ground clearance raised too

Mercedes-Benz has tweaked the suspension of the B-Class for a better ride quality. The B-Class diesel runs on 55 profile 16-inch tyres and the ride was always good but is even better now. The ground clearance has been raised as well so you need not worry one bit when tackling bad roads or big speed-breakers. Handling continues to be good of this front-wheel drive Mercedes with body roll well in control. The steering is responsive and weighs up decently at high speed where the car stays glued to the tarmac. Braking performance is excellent and NVH inside the cabin is good as well, baring the slight noise from the oil burner when you accelerate hard.

Mercedes B-Class Diesel Edition 1
The Edition 1 variant offers improvements which makes the B-Class even better

The Mercedes B-Class has always been an affordable yet competent vehicle. Although shaped like a hatchback, the space inside can actually give more pricier sedans a run for their money. The diesel variant was always paired down and people who were buying a three-pointed star always expected certain levels of equipment. With the Edition 1, Mercedes-Benz has finally addressed the needs and want of B-Class buyers in the country. Not only does the added equipment boost the appeal of the car, the changes to the suspension further improve its on road performance, making the B-Class Edition 1 an even better vehicle than it already is.

The Mercedes B-Class has always been a very practical vehicle and the Edition 1 model brings in much needed equipment which was offered only on the petrol variant. Mercedes has also tweaked the suspension which makes the car more suited for our roads.

Mercedes B-Class Edition 1 India
The B-Class continues to be a very practical car, while being affordable as well

What’s Cool

* Interior space
* Ride quality
* Frugal engine

What’s Not So Cool

* Could do with more power

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