Suzuki Inazuma Road Test

Much to everyones surprise including ours, Suzuki announced a Rs. 1 lakh price decrease on the Inazuma 250 cruiser motorcycle. The Inazuma impressed us by ten folds when we reviewed it earlier this year; however, the steep price was the only chink in the armour that made the bike out of the reach of many. The Inazuma offers way more comfort, while the overall quality is miles ahead of the competition. The price drop also makes the Suzuki Inazuma the most affordable twin-cylinder bike at Rs. 2.45 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai) in the country. So, is the decrease in prices enough to get the ball rolling for the Inazuma or is the competition just better?

Comparing it with the nearest competition, the Honda CBR250R was always overpriced at Rs. 2.20 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai), especially with the inconsistent quality all over the bike. Moreover, the CBR250R is a single-cylinder motor that lacks the refinement and quality compared to the Inazuma that is now similarly priced. The KTM Duke 390 on the other hand is exactly the opposite of comfort. Yes, it does offer outrageous power and is bang for the buck at Rs. 2.14 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai), but there have been quality issues known to owners, while for tourers it is more of a saddle sore on every ride. Coming closest in terms of powertrain was the twin-cylinder Kawasaki Ninja 300, which now seems to be ridiculously overpriced at nearly Rs. 4 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai).

While the Suzuki Inazuma does come out with a lesser sticker price, the Duke 390 and the Honda CBR250R manage to woe the masses by still being around Rs. 30,000/- cheaper than the Inazuma. The Duke also offers more power than the competition with 44 PS on offer and the power cravers will find that very hard to ignore. It is certainly Honda that needs to worry and realign its prices for the CBR250R as the Inazuma is now a much more value for money proposition with the 248cc twin-cylinder motor that produces 24 HP of power and 22 Nm of torque, paired to a 6-speed transmission. The massive presence and the B-King inspired looks also work in favour of the bike, which prior to the price decrease sold only 3 units in six odd months.

So, if you are looking for a potent motorcycle with the best ride quality along with smooth refinement, look no further; the Suzuki Inazuma ticks every box in the list of desirability. With a price drop of over Rs. 1 lakh, the Inazuma has come within the reach of many who have been craving for a smooth cruiser that boasts of high quality and reliability along with decent power at the turn of the throttle. Certainly, Suzuki has gone very aggressive with its plans in India, and the drastic change in the price does show how serious the company is. The Inazuma might finally get the sales figures it deserves.

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Suzuki Inazuma Test Ride Review