Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe

The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show is on and many interesting cars and concept studies are on display. One such futuristic looking vehicle worth mentioning is the Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe. The design language is a hybrid between Mercedes’ flagship model S-Class and the CL-Class. The overall stance is very dominant. The Concept Coupe is long at 5050 mm with a width of 1958 mm. The Coupe sits much lower at 1409 mm giving it that sleek and sporty look. The front grille is somewhat a portion out of the SLS-AMG and the rear view mirrors are a piece of art.

The Concept S-Class Coupe is powered by a 4.6-litre, Bi-Turbo V8 engine which churns out a maximum power of 449 BHP and 700 Nm of torque. Manoeuvring the Coupe is benefitted with the ‘Intelligent Drive’ system, a set of two cameras deriving three-dimensional view of up to 50 metres of the road ahead. Another ‘6D Vision’ system detects the position and movement of objects over a range of 500 metres. This system also benefits the ride quality, where it predicts the type of road surface ahead and adjusts the suspension accordingly.

The interior layout is similar to the S-Class sedan featuring a 12.3-inch LCD screen. The white interiors and the ambient lighting seem very star-trek like futuristic. Being minimal on the inside has gone in favour of Mercedes-Benz. There is another touch screen at the bottom showing four world clocks. The interiors are done in materials like aluminium, calfskin and hand-woven silk.

The S-Class Coupe rides on 21-inch wheels. The roofline begins gradually and is very balanced at the centre giving a dome shape. It’s all about the crisp flow lines that define the design at the sides. The rear hosts sleek tail lights and chrome strips running between them. Chrome work is also noticed at the bottom running through the exhausts at both ends. Undoubtedly the S-Class Coupe is one stunning concept.

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe Front

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe Overlook

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe Side

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe View

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe Interiors

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe Door Panel

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe Top

Mercedes-Benz Concept S-Class Coupe Rear