2015 Land Rover Freelander

The next generation Land Rover Freelander was spotted testing in England but it was very innovatively camouflaged as an Evoque! A body of a stretched Evoque was fitted on top of this Freelander test mule to test it on the road. This next generation Freelander is expected to be launched in 2015. This is one of the proposed launches out of the 16 new cars Land Rover will launch by 2020. Our source inform us the next generation Freelander is internally known as L550.

The 2015 Land Rover Freelander will use the same steel platform shared by the Evoque and the Freelander which is highly modifiable for a number of models. Thus fitting this extended Evoque body was feasible for the test mule. What gave this camouflage away was the big lump seen in place of the fuel filler cap and the front grille and lower intakes do not match the Evoque’s body. These flaws though minor are noticeable to a trained eye.

Three Freelander models will be launched in 2015. The one seen in the pictures is a 5-seater version with a very spacious interior. Another will be an extended wheel base version with 7 seats. The last version will be a baby-Freelander which will be as big as the Evoque. Land Rover is expanding their portfolio pretty well by introducing vehicle fitting into each and every category of the fast growing SUV market. The company will manufacture the upcoming Freelander in both the UK and China.

2015 Land Rover Freelander profile

2015 Land Rover Freelander rear

Source – Auto Express