The 2015 Mercedes C-Class has been unveiled at the CeBIT exhibition in Bangalore and showcases the importance of the IT sector in the auto industry.

2015 Mercedes C-Class Unveil CeBIT Bangalore
The 2015 Mercedes C-Class features the next generation of telematics & IT systems

Ahead of the official launch scheduled on 25th November, Mercedes-Benz India unveiled the 2015 C-Class sedan in the country at the first ever CeBIT expo in Bangalore. As part of its latest examples of captive research, development and IT-engineering activities in India, the C-Class provides an ideal platform to showcase the German auto giant’s appreciation of the IT industry that plays a dominant role in product development, infotainment and connectivity application on luxury vehicles.

Participating in the event, Mercedes India conveyed the importance of the IT sector stating that customers not only expect an appealing design, outstanding quality and impressive performance for its cars, but also like to stay connected, entertained and informed when using the vehicles. The 2015 C-Class in particular showcases a mix of all those qualities featuring an ideal in-car infotainment system that sets the benchmark in terms of integrating next generation telematics and IT systems. The company further stated that it constantly implements latest technologies available on its vehicles and has been one of the pioneers in semi-autonomous and autonomous driving systems.

Coming to the 2015 Mercedes C-Class, the new sedan is based on the lightweight Mercedes Rear-drive Architecture (MRA) platform and will sport a completely new design language having taken inspiration from the flagship S-Class sedan. The C-Class has grown in dimensions, while the engine options are said to be more powerful yet frugal over the outgoing version. Available in petrol and diesel engine options, Mercedes will be first launching the petrol powered variant on the launch day, while the diesel powered version is expected to follow later by early next year.

2015 Mercedes C-Class CeBIT Bangalore Showcase
The C-Class was only showcased, while the official launch is on 25th November
2015 Mercedes C-Class Unveil CeBIT Bangalore Front
Mercedes will bring only the petrol version at the time of launch
2015 Mercedes C-Class Unveil CeBIT Bangalore Rear
The 2015 C-Class is lighter than the outgoing version based on the new MRA platform