The Datsun GO-Cross Concept carries appealing styling elements and has the ability to be a good seller. It is expected to be priced between Rs. 5-7 lakhs when launched.

2016 Datsun GO Cross Concept Front
The front end design of the GO Cross Concept is contemporary

Nissan had showcased the Datsun GO-Cross concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015 and now the Japanese automaker has showcased the vehicle here at the ongoing Auto Expo. The GO-Cross is based on the Datsun GO+ but it comes with rugged styling elements and it looks much more sportier than the regular GO models. The GO-Cross comes with a raised height as compared to the GO+. The headlights look far more sleeker on this model and the bumper also gets nice detailing.

From the side, the GO-Cross looks really butch thanks to the black body cladding and the beefy alloy wheels. The rear also looks very rugged and the bumper carries a silver skid plate too. The vehicle also gets roof rails. The GO-Cross comes powered by the same 1.2-litre petrol engine that also powers the GO+ and it is tuned to churn out 68 PS of power.

While the GO and GO+ are not selling in high numbers, the GO-Cross looks like a very promising product. It looks good and carries far more appeal than the regular GO models. It is expected to be a volume gainer and could be a game-changer for Nissan in the Indian market. We can expect the company to price it very aggressively, thus attracting a lot of crowd at showrooms.

2016 Datsun GO-Cross

– Looks far more beefier and appealing than the GO+
– Powered by 1.2-litre petrol engine
– Expected to have aggressive pricing

Datsun GO Cross Concept
The SUVish stance makes it look rather smart
Datsun GO Cross Concept Vehicle
The styling is a departure from the boring GO+ design
2016 Datsun GO Cross Concept Rear
Not even close to production form, this might take time to come to the market