Volkswagen showcased the new 2016 Vento at the Auto Expo. Volkswagen had previously done a facelift on the Vento in June 2015.

2016 Volkswagen Vento Front View
The 2016 Volkswagen Vento looks more like its elder siblings now

Volkswagen has always been known to frequently add new updates to their cars, and they’ve done it again at the 2016 Auto Expo with the Vento. Only in June last year Volkswagen did a facelift on the Vento and now once again in 2016, they have showcased a newer version of their popular 4-door sedan, the Vento.

Now the earlier 2015 facelift had brought a lot of cosmetic changes in the car to make it look much more sporty, edgy and unmistakably premium. It had also got a wider stance than its predecessor and featured a Passat inspired front grille which added to its premium-ness per se.

The 2016 Volkswagen Vento however doesn’t seem to sport a lot of changes so to say. It retains the 15-inch, 10-spoke alloys and the sporty front bumper along with the integrated LED turn indicators from its predecessor. The new 2016 Vento also looks exactly the same as the 2015 Vento except for the hood which does look a bit smaller.

So what’s new? The headlamp cluster. The 2016 Volkswagen Vento sports a new headlamp cluster which looks much more sharper and distinctive than its predecessor. The U-shaped DRLs are unmistakable and give the car a much sportier look than before. All in all, it is just a minor upgrade, but it sure does look sportier than ever before, resembling that of the Passat.

2016 Volkswagen Vento

– New headlamp cluster
– Performance figures retained from the older model
– Looks the same as the older model
– Retains all the features from the older model

2016 Volkswagen Vento Headlamps
The new headlamp cluster on the 2016 VW Vento.
2016 Volkswagen Vento Rear View
The view from the back looks almost identical to the predecessor