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The instrument console gets minor updates but is largely the same

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – Before you get on the saddle, what you immediately notice are the new mirrors which are bigger and offer a better view of what’s behind. The bike gets AHO so the headlight on/off switch has been removed while cranking the motor is easier as the RC 390 now gets a one touch starter (no longer does one have to keep the starter button pressed). The instrument cluster was always loaded with a ton of information but there is more on the 2017 model as the RC 390’s console also mentions if the engine kill switch is active, it also shows real time fuel efficiency.

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The KTM RC 390 gets improved seat cushioning by 12 mm

Ergonomics – There are no changes to the ergonomics of this sporty motorcycle which isn’t comfortable for long distances. The riding position is aggressive and leaned in, good for track riding but not so good when you are trying to tour (of course the miniature fuel tank restricts touring range). KTM has increased the seat cushion on the RC 390 by 12 mm for both the rider and pillion seats so it is slightly more comfortable but not by a big margin. The bike also gets new adjustable levers so you can choose your comfort level of front brake and clutch operation.