2021 KTM RC 390 Production Variant
While the bike gets an orange and blue paint job, KTM’s signature orange alloys seem missing

The 2021 KTM RC 390 was spotted testing earlier, and now KTM’s official portfolio shows how the production version might look like.

The new photo comes from KTM’s official presentation, which reveals their future plans and upcoming motorbikes. This was the same presentation which showed the Husqvarna E-pilen.

Although the photo of the upcoming RC 390’s production version doesn’t give away anything new, it hints at new orange and blue graphics. These graphics remind us of KTM’s MotoGP bike- the RC 16.

The biggest rumour, however, is that the RC 390 might receive a bump in cubic capacity, making it a 490cc engine spec.

This rumour follows up from the previous rumours which suggested that KTM was working on a 490cc engine. The rumours further stated that this was to meet the strict emission norms and to broaden KTM’s range of offerings.

However, the current spec 390cc engine does meet the Euro-5 standards following a recent update suggesting that it is likely to stay.

The updates of the 2021 KTM RC 390 include a new headlight section, new side-mounted LED DRLs, new rear seat, and even a revised braking setup.

The major USP of the RC 390 was its powerful engine and the track-focused ergonomics. While there’s no news about the former, the mule suggests that the bike will feature a more road-friendly riding triangle.

Personally, I’m not fond of the new design of the bike. It doesn’t look as edgy as before, but if it’s a better bike overall, I definitely won’t be complaining.

This is by far the biggest update the KTM RC series will receive since its launch and if KTM decides to put a 490cc mill in the upcoming RC, we expect it to decimate anything and everything under 600cc!

2021 KTM RC 390

  • The production version of the upcoming RC 390 was seen in KTM’s official portfolio
  • The new photo shows an orange and blue paint scheme which looks MotoGP-inspired
  • There are rumours that the RC 390 might receive a bump in engine spec to 490cc
2017 KTM RC 390
This is how the RC 390 looks currently, and one can easily notice the changes in the new model

Source- Visordown.com