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The gigantic V8 oil burner offers tremendous grunt

Powering the LX450d is a 4.4-litre V8 diesel engine unleashing 261 HP at 3400 RPM and 650 Nm from 1600-2600 RPM. The engine is mated to a 6-speed Artificial Intelligence Shift automatic gearbox and you also get 4WD. The engine has some clatter on the outside but the cabin is well-insulated and hence hardly any of the noise filters inside the cabin. There is a slight amount of turbo lag from the engine but after that it feels very punchy and power-packed with 100 km/hr coming up in 8.6 seconds. The engine is excellent for highway usage and has been tuned well. The claimed fuel efficiency is 9.6 km/l but real world figures will hover around 6-7 km/l.

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The LX450d is extremely capable both on and off-road

The Lexus LX450d is an absolute performer, on and off the road

You get the usual Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes. In Sport mode, the engine holds onto RPMs and makes sure that the SUV is always in its peak power band. The gearbox is decent enough and you also get a manual mode along with paddle shifters and a Sport mode for the transmission too. Off the road, the LX is very capable and I wish we could explore its off-road capabilities in detail. Since the car is so large, there is a nifty feature for taking u-turns where you can lock the rear wheels at the press of a button and only the front wheels turn, thus helping reduce the turning radius in tight situations.

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The ride quality of the full-size SUV is extremely pliant

Since this is a ladder frame SUV, handling isn’t the best out there and there is also some noticeable body roll. The steering is a bit hard and requires some effort to turn. The ride is soft and plush and the LX can tackle just any sort of terrain. In Sport mode, the suspension becomes stiffer and thus the SUV tackles corners surprisingly well. It comes shod with massive 18-inch 285/60 tyres with lovely grip and for stopping power you get huge 18-inch and 17-inch discs at the front and rear respectively.

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The flagship beast is all about the presence and supreme comfort

The Lexus LX450d gets safety features like 10 airbags, ABS, VSC, Multi-Terrain System with Active Traction Control System and TPMS. The LX450d is priced very optimistically at Rs. 2.86 crores (on-road, Mumbai) and at that price point one would definitely give a thought to other biggies like the Range Rover Vogue. However, knowing Lexus’ famed reliability and ease of ownership, don’t be surprised if people pick this car for an easy ownership experience since this flagship SUV exceeds in a lot of vital things like space, comfort, power, on-road performance and off-road performance.

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The LX450d comes with a range of customisation options