The 2017 Mercedes E-Class is going to be loaded with a lot of incredible features that’ll immediately make the sedan the king of its segment.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Front
The 2017 E-Class will be showcased at the 2016 North American International Show

The current generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been in the market since quite a while now. The German auto giant has been readying the 2017 E-Class and it is going to be much better and tech-laden than the current E-Class which is already a brilliant vehicle in all means. The new model W213) is going to get a whole lot of goodies that will actually make the S-Class feel inferior! It seems that Mercedes is definitely betting big on the upcoming E-Class, which will make its official debut only next year.

The 2017 Mercedes E-Class will get features like – remote controlled parking via a smartphone, NFC-based unlock and vehicle start system, 84 LED adaptive headlights, Vehicle-to-X communication, evasive manoeuvre assistance, adaptive cruise control, adaptive steering, active emergency braking for cross traffic, rear seat seatbelt airbags, air bladder that shoves the passengers towards the centre of the car if an accident occurs and an intelligent audio system that triggers your ear drum’s reflexes so that no hearing damage happens in case of a crash. These are just some of the features that’ll be made available in the E-Class and there’s a lot more to come.

The Park Pilot feature is one hell of a convenience feature. It allows a user to control the vehicle’s parking movements with the help of a dedicated app on his smartphone. If the parking spot is too tight to open the car’s doors, then the users can get down and the driver can allow the car to park itself in the spot. It works with both perpendicular as well as parallel parking spots. However, the smartphone needs to be within 10-feet of the car. A similar process can be done even while leaving a parking spot.

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The 2017 Mercedes E-Class also gets smartphone locking. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone and most of these newer phones come with a feature called NFC (Near Field Communication). The user just needs to tap the car’s door handle with the phone and it’ll automatically lock or unlock. There will be a dedicated space to keep your phone inside the vehicle and it also offers wireless charging. Any phone with NFC will work here, regardless of carrier or SIM card.

Each headlight on the vehicle will come with a single chip that has 84 LEDs. The working will be similar to the 24 LED model on the CLS. The adaptive light system uses many sources of light to determine its brightness level and other adjustive options. For cornering and low speed driving, the beams will spread widely while the chip will dim certain sections of the light to prevent blinding oncoming traffic. The rear lights will make use of a dimming feature at night to prevent blinding rear motorists.

Evasive Steering Assist is going to be another safety feature on the E-Class. When the vehicle detects that there is a pedestrian or an obstacle on the road and the driver tries to steer away from it, the system will apply more input to the steering. Also, if the driver applies too much input, then the system will help the vehicle get a stable path again. This system works only when the driver controls steering inputs and it won’t steer the car automatically. The collision prevention system will come in to play when the vehicle is going straight and there is an obstacle, in which case the vehicle will apply brakes on its own.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Safety Features
The E-Class luxo barge is going to be big on safety tech

Another significant feature is the Speed Limit Pilot Function. The system gets a camera and embedded navigation data and the vehicle’s speed drops on its own when it detects that it is crossing the speed limit. The Distronic adaptive cruise control is a feature used to follow the vehicle at the front and it works even without lane markings. The system can identify the edge of the road by detecting reflectors and safety barriers. The same tech is used in the S-Class but it requires proper lane markings. The Active Braking Assist feature has a cross-traffic alert function. The vehicle brakes automatically when a vehicle comes in front of you suddenly, to prevent an accident.

The fifth generation Mercedes E-Class also gets seatbelt airbags. The belt is woven as a single tube and there will be no restriction on the length of the belt. When a crash occurs, the belt inflates and spreads itself across a wider area to prevent chances of getting hurt. In the Pre-Safe Impulse Mode, if there is a side-impact, the system pushes the passengers towards the centre of the car to lessen the impact. The Pre-Safe Sound is another useful feature where the system plays some music before a crash to distract the ear drums so that no hearing loss occurs if the impact is too loud.

The German automaker hasn’t revealed any other details on engine specs, trims and variants, infotainment system and so on. We can expect all that to be disclosed in stages over a period of time. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class will be unveiled to the public at the 2016 North American International Show in Detroit. We’re also excited to see how the vehicle’s styling has evolved but there’s still some time for that. Mercedes will launch the vehicle by the end of next year in the USA and UK and since the company is showing so much aggressiveness in India too, we can expect the 2017 E-Class to make its way here soon after its global launch.

2017 Mercedes E-Class Lighting
The headlamps have 84 LEDs, tail lamps have auto dimming function
2017 Mercedes E-Class Technology
So many safety features will make the S-Class also look inferior in comparison
2017 Mercedes E-Class Alloys
The E-Class competes with the BMW 5-Series, Audi A6 and Jaguar XF
2017 Mercedes E-Class Spied
The styling of the vehicle will be revealed in the coming months
2017 Mercedes E-Class Rear
The new E-Class’ game will be many notches ahead of the current one