Two videos of the 2017 Pulsar 200 NS have surfaced on YouTube with both claiming to be official.

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The Pulsar is a huge brand and that means people will try to use it to their advantage, sometimes just to garner views on YouTube. Two videos have surfaced on the video sharing website with both using the word official in their title. A quick check on the Bajaj Pulsar channel puts the above claims to rest but still these videos are interesting to watch.

The first video has been made by Bajaj but when is the question as the Pulsar 200 NS bikes used in the video doesn’t have a blue backlit for the instrument cluster, using orange instead. The Naked Sport name has been taken too seriously and one might cringe seeing this ad, we were tempted to put NSFW in the title but then, we don’t like to be clickbaity!

The second video is a lot better to watch and has been made by a Pulsar fan. However, he misses out on facts as a shot at 0.23 of the video shows the tyre size to be 150 section while the Pulsar 200 NS uses a 130 mm rear tyre. Of course this video too gets the colour of the instrument cluster wrong.

Bajaj Auto re-introduced the Pulsar 200 NS in the Indian market earlier this week. It has no changes other than an upgrade to BS-IV emission norms, AHO, new graphics and the change in colour of the instrument cluster from orange to blue.

2017 Pulsar 200 NS Video

– Two videos of the Pulsar 200 NS have been released on YouTube, claiming to be official
– The first video seems like an old video made by Bajaj for international markets
– The second video is an interesting one but gets the technical details of the Pulsar 200 NS wrong

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