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In spite of the Sport moniker, it’s still a very capable vehicle off-road

Off-Road – The Range Rover Sport is very capable off-road, it has a feature called low traction launch which ensures optimal grip on off road terrain. There there are 3 pure off-road modes and if you don’t want to choose between them, just rely on the Terrain Response System 2 which alters engine, gearbox, differentials and chassis basis the terrain. The Hill Descent control maintains engine speed when off-roading and applies brakes on individual wheels. The Range Rover Sport can do higher wading as well as wheel articulation than the Audi Q. All terrain progress control lets you just focus on steering the car between speeds of 1.8 km/hr and 30 km/hr.

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The Range Rover Sport gets a slew of Radar based technologies

Service – The Range Rover Sport is a 5-star NCAP car and comes with a slew of airbags and electronic aids. It also gets radar based systems like adaptive cruise control (which automatically applies brakes when an obstacle is detected when cruising), collision warning and also gets lane-keep assist. There are a lot more systems which are available on the global model.

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No longer the most road going Range Rover, that’s now the Velar

Verdict – The Range Rover Sport is no longer the most dynamic Range Rover (sure the SVR is but the lesser models aren’t) because the Velar is the new sporty one as it’s the Range Rover made for the road. Still, this SUV is hugely impressive, it’s fast, comfortable. luxurious and drives well too. While the pricing is on the higher side, one simply can’t get an alternative to a Range Rover if they crave for luxury and off-road ability in one package. The Sport is the best alternative to the more expensive Range Rover with a more sporty appeal for good measure.

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Land Rover lovers are spoilt for choice with the Velar and Discovery 5

What’s Cool

* Gorgeous design, just turns heads with people shouting Range Rover
* Attention to detail is impressive, lot of thoughtful engineering here
* Engines are refined and offer good pulling power
* Loads of equipment on offer, plenty on the options list too
* Extremely capable off-road

What’s Not So Cool

* No hybrid variant for India
* Misses out on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity
* Brakes don’t offer the level of feel expected for a car of this size
* Price, quite expensive as it continues to come via the CBU route

Alternatives: BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Maserati Levante

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The Range Rover Sport is still the most fun Range Rover if you consider the SVR

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Testers’ Note:

“The Range Rover Sport offers the best of both worlds. It is a dual personality SUV is what I believe. You can arrive in style and show off its massive size and you can unleash the sporty character with its sharp dynamics and extreme off-road capabilities. The driving position, the typical proportions and that Range Rover badging, everything shouts SUV and that is how real SUVs should look and feel like.” – Aariz Rizvi, Assistant Editor, MotorBeam.
“The Range Rover Sport is one of the few SUVs that is quite fun to drive. The vehicle offers good dynamics, looks great and now it comes with so much technology. The Range Rover Sport is very desirable but I think the Velar beats it. However, for those who crave power, the Range Rover Sport SVR is the way to go.” – Parth Gohil, Associate Editor, MotorBeam.

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