Land Rover Off-Road Experience Report
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Above & Beyond Tour

We drove the latest fleet of Land Rovers on a specially designed off-road trail

A few weeks back, the MotorBeam team went to Mahindra’s off-road academy at Nashik and had a field day driving the Thar in pouring downpour. I, unfortunately, couldn’t make it. Then we did the Festival of Mud where we did a series of tests on 5 of the best SUVs out there, the Discovery Sport was of course one of them and showcased why a Land Rover is a Land Rover after all. Now, I got a chance to be part of the Above & Beyond Tour at 19-degree North, the same location is used every year by the carmaker to showcase the off-road prowess of its vehicles.

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Testing the off-road capabilities of these SUVs was a unique experience

Last year, my colleague Parth got a chance to attend the same event but he drove the Evoque. Since he has already focussed heavily on the challenges which although are altered every year, I will put my attention towards the overall experience of driving a luxury SUV in places where most people won’t dare to go, even with a non-luxury utility vehicle. However, our roads do throw the random off-road challenge every now and then and that’s why it’s crucial to understand the importance of having an SUV which is more than just high riding.

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The Discovery Sport made the entire experience effortless

The experience is 45 minutes long (or short if you like driving on mysterious terrain, now knowing what could happen next). But as difficult as I make it sound, it was quite a breeze driving the Discovery Sport because it made my life very easy behind the wheel. And this is the exact reason why one should definitely experience something like this as the off-road elements here, help in attaining a higher level of confidence in the real-world.