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Land Rovers come with off-road specific electronic features

The Land Rover Discovery Sport comes equipped with a slew of electronic features including All Terrain Progress Control, Hill Descent Control and a Terrain Response system, all of which make off-roading that much easier. We hit a series of challenges, right from steep inclines, water crossing, challenging descents and side slopes, the British SUV didn’t budge an inch and just took everything in its stride with the utmost confidence.

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The Discovery Sport glided through the worst of terrains easily

This off-road experience proved how capable, well-engineered and fun-to-drive these Land Rovers are

The balance and ease of driving this car just boosts the driver’s confidence to such a level that in spite of the magnitude of the challenges, the all-wheel-drive system of the car would send the power to the right wheel to ensure it was a cakewalk. What’s even more impressive is the water wading and towing capacity of the Discovery Sport, you can take it deep in a stream while we all know how well this SUV can tow (remember the Discovery Sport towing a train video?). Bad roads is where the Discovery absolutely conquers and how!

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The Discovery Sport is impressive both off-road and on-road

The experience was great and further aided by the instructor who helped me understand the Discovery Sport better while also navigating me through the whole course. The Discovery Sport’s capability is quite well known and when we did our own off-roading with this car last month, the only issue we faced was ground clearance but it just excelled in every way imaginable, surpassing our expectations. It’s great to see Land Rover living by its core DNA, that even though cars are becoming easier to drive, more comfortable and the focus is increasing on luxury and tech, they are still hugely capable off the road.

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Despite being modern on the inside, these Land Rovers are very capable

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