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The dual screens not only look modern but are also very responsive

Interiors – Getting in such a tall car is a bit of a trek. But once settled in the sumptuous seats overlooking the tech-loaded dashboard and the beautiful leather, it is hard not to be blown away. The seats to start with are ultra comfortable and they can be electrically adjusted. The front seats can be heated and cooled. The dashboard is dominated by two InControl Pro Duo touchscreens. We admit that in a cabin that exudes old-world charm, two touch screens look a bit of an overkill. But it is all matter of tech and once you start using them, you will be impressed by how quick they are to respond. The instrument cluster also combines crisp detailing giving you all sorts of information right in front of your eyes. This leather-wrapped steering wheel is a joy to use and the controls on it change with your commands.

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The rear seats are extremely spacious and comfortable

The combination of leather and veneer gives the cabin a rich & sophisticated feel

The obsession with the finer things continues on the inside. From the soft-close doors to the impressively tactile controls, everything feels exquisite. The massive panoramic sunroof brings lots of fresh light into the cabin and it can be operated via gesture. The thick slabs of veneer and the beautiful stitching on the leather make this an interior that even Bentley owners would crave for.

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The boot has a split-opening tailgate and also houses a spare wheel

The front is not even the best part. It is at the back of this long-wheelbase Range Rover where things get really lavish. The fact of the matter is that with large windows (with electric sunblinds), massive seats, quite a few dim lights, and the headrest-mounted entertainment screens, the back of the Range Rover feels more like an expensive suite in an English castle. You can also adjust the backrest electrically and you have dedicated wireless headphones to literally cut the world out. Space, you ask? There is acres of it at the rear. The LWB model is 200 mm longer in both length and wheelbase which means you have much more room to stretch out. Headroom is not a problem even to the tallest and with everything from the soundtrack, the choice of what you want to watch on the screens to the temperature preference is in your control. No wonder then that this will outdo even the first class seating in an airplane.

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The gear knob rises from the centre console when you turn on the car

The Vogue has all the modern features along with a gigantic panoramic sunroof

This car is long and wide so Range Rover has offered multiple cameras along with lane departure warning to make driving this mammoth an easy task. You also get other goodies like automatic headlights, ambient lighting, wireless charging, etc., to make your life very convenient. The boot is suitably large and oh, you have that brilliant split-opening tailgate should you choose to watch a horse race or go fishing. You also get an alloy spare wheel neatly tucked under the carpeted cover with a full-sized tyre (no space saver here).