ASEAN NCAP has revealed the 2020 Toyota Innova’s safety rating and the MPV has scored 5 stars overall, making it a very safe car indeed.

The model that was tested was made in Thailand and it had a 2.0-litre petrol motor that makes 139 PS and 183 Nm which is mated to a 5-speed MT. It weighed 1698 kg and is also sold in other southeast Asian countries.

When it comes to the scores, the 2020 Toyota Innova ASEAN NCAP overall adult occupant protection score is 45.90, child occupant protection is 21.51 and safety assist is 15.28.

As standard, the car sold in Thailand has two front passenger airbags, two curtain airbags, two side airbags and a knee airbag. It also has other safety technologies such as ABS, ESC and seat belt retractors.

However, it does not have blind spot tech or any advanced safety assist tech like emergency braking, lane departure warning, forward collision or lane keep assist.

Also, it must be noted that ASEAN NCAP extended the Innova’s 2016 frontal offset deformable barrier (ODB) score to the current assessment.

Frontal offset and side impact tests were conducted in collaboration between ASEAN NCAP and Toyota at Toyota’s lab to obtain the results for child occupant protection assessment as the child dummies were different (Q dummies instead of P ones) this time around.

Overall, the MPV has scored well in the crash tests and this will only further cement its popularity in the markets it is retailed by its maker.

2020 Toyota Innova ASEAN NCAP

  • 2020 Toyota Innova scores 5 stars in ASEAN NCAP tests
  • The car that was tested was from Indonesia
  • Frontal offset score was extended from 2016 Innova’s scores
2020 Toyota Innova ASEAN NCAP
Overall adult occupant protection score was 45.90
2020 Toyota Innova ASEAN NCAP Frontal Crash Test
Frontal ODB score was extended from the 2016 Innova’s results
2020 Toyota Innova ASEAN NCAP Side Impact
Certain tests were done at Toyota’s lab due to the usage of different child dummies this time