To Bajaj Pulsar fans the world over, the bikemaker has released its 2021 ad campaign showcasing some breathtaking stunts performed by some rather skilled individuals.

The advert titled “Pulsar – Duniye Khele Ispey!” sees different Pulsar models being ridden in Brazil, Egypt, the Philippines, Turkey and not to mention, in India too, among other places.

For sure the stunts are captivating, but the places in which they are performed are equally spellbinding to say the least.

Take Egypt for example, where the stunts have been performed, you guessed it, in front of pyramids. While the ancient monarchs would have deemed performing stoppies and wheelies in front of the structures as sacrilege, we are quite fond of such things.

Then comes riding down the streets of Rio de Janeiro’s favela, jumping onto a moving boat, and get this, even riding the bike while doing a headstand.

In the past too, Bajaj Auto has made some rather interesting and engaging ads for their motorcycles, mostly the Pulsar range. The 2021 Bajaj Pulsar ad follows the trend unique to the brand and is quite enjoyable.

2021 Bajaj Pulsar Advert
Now, that is some way to ride a motorcycle
2021 Bajaj Pulsar Ad
The total ad runs for 60 seconds
2021 Bajaj Pulsar Ad Campaign
These stunts are best performed under a controlled environment and shouldn’t be imitated