Honda CBR400RR First Look
The new CBR400RR looks to be based on the CBR250RR

As we desperately hope for Honda to bring the CBR300R to India as a much-needed upgrade to the CBR250R, meanwhile news of the possible arrival of a new sub-600cc motorcycle from Honda has emerged in Japan and it is being called the 2021 Honda CBR400RR.

The Honda CBR400RR was first unveiled in 1983. It had sporty styling and was called the “Babyblade” because of its resemblance to the CBR900RR. The older 400RR had an inline-4 engine, and a claimed top speed of 195 km/hr.

In its new iteration, the 2021 Honda CBR400RR looks to be based on the CBR250RR. The photos and the extra R suggest that it will have an inline-4 engine and will rival the Kawasaki Ninja 400, the KTM RC 390, and even the new Ninja ZX-25R.

With its inline-4 setup, we expect the CBR400RR to make about 70 BHP. If Honda manages to attain this, the 400RR will be the fastest and the most powerful motorcycle in its class. We also expect it to come loaded with gizmos like traction control, quick-shifter, riding modes, etc.

Judging from the photos, the design of the 2021 Honda CBR400RR differs greatly from the old generation. It follows the design elements of the 250RR which look radical, sporty, and fresh. The photos also suggest a dual-disc braking setup and Nissin callipers.

Now the key question every Indian will have after reading this is, “Will it come to India?” Sadly, it might not. But we have our fingers crossed and we would love to see the CBR400RR in the Indian market as it would stir things up quite a bit.

2021 Honda CBR400RR

  • This is Honda’s attempt at rejuvenating the old-gen babyblade
  • Likely to have an inline-4 engine
  • Looks similar to the CBR250RR, striking and sporty
2020 Honda CBR250RR White
It is clear that the 2021 Honda CBR400RR gets its sharp styling from the CBR250RR

Source – Young Machine on Facebook