2021 Mercedes S-Class Unveil Front
The body is sleeker and less bulky in appearance than before

We knew that it was only a matter of time before the 2021 Mercedes S-Class unveil took place, since the car has been spotted so many times that even Mercedes did not bother completely disguising it over the past few weeks.

The brand new W223 generation S-Class has been revised completely and this design will invariably dictate how future Mercedes models look.

Sleeker and more rounded than before, visually, the car seems to have lost some bulk. Gone are the big headlights with three DRL strips in each of them and in their place sit more modern units that are slimmer in comparison.

While the side profile might look similar, with the window line and windscreen angle looking eerily identical to the outgoing model, the rear has seen changes, chief of which are the sharper taillights that are now horizontal and have triangular elements integrated into them.

Further, like the previous generation, the 2021 Mercedes S-Class unveil also revealed details about the AMG kit the car can be had with, should people want to add a bit more styling tweaks to the already restyled car.

Interior-wise, well to be honest, we have seen the interior of the car by way of various teaser images that were already released. Thus, it is not a mystery anymore.

Four touchscreens, the largest being a 12.8-inch infotainment screen, latest MBUX system, 3D-enabled driver’s display, 2 head-up displays with augmented reality, attention assist, a whole host of connectivity features, upholstery choices, wood trims to choose from, apart from other customisation options and driver assist tech would be enough to keep the discerning buyer quite pleased and safe.

Several options will be available when it comes to choosing what produces the propulsion force, meaning petrol, diesel, hybrid and performance variants will all make up the range.

Mercedes has not overlooked bits that are hidden either. Thus, the 2021 S-Class gets a new suspension system dubbed E-Active Body Control that comprises of adaptive dampers, five multi-core processors, a camera and 20 sensors, to keep passengers comfortable at all times.

Other features include rear-wheel steering and side impact mitigation system (it lifts the car by up to 3.15 inches or 8 cm), apart from a myriad of latest safety features, including front airbags for rear passengers.

2021 Mercedes S-Class Unveil

  • 2021 Mercedes S-Class has been unveiled, is completely revised
  • Gets five screens inside, latest connectivity tech, among other features
  • Endless options list offered as ever on the luxury sedan
2021 Mercedes S-Class Dashboard
Forget one, there are five digital screens in the car
This is where one truly belongs in the luxury car, at the back seats
2021 Mercedes S-Class Side
To be built at a completely new facility in Germany named Factory 56
The taillights are horizontally laid out, a first in a few generations
It is not without reason why people call it the best car in the world