2021 Tesla Model S Plaid
Exterior changes on the EV are subtle

The Tesla Model S has received a raft of upgrades for the model year 2021, including a smashing interior and subtle exterior tweaks.

Revealed as part of the firm’s Q4 earnings report, the heavily revised electric sedan will hit production soon and will come with a revised front fascia that gives the car a sporty look. Of course, there are new wheels as part of the upgrade.

While the exterior might not have changed all that much, the 2021 Tesla Model S does come with a reworked interior. There is a new 17-inch portrait touchscreen in place of the tablet-style display and Tesla says the new screen is vastly improved.

Also, there is a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and half a steering wheel (Tesla seems to have thought that its customers do not need a full round item anymore) that compliment the new dashboard.

There are large sections of wood trim on the decluttered dash which has also adopted the Model 3’s ventless HVAC system. Also, there are no stalks with the steering wheel, meaning the buttons on the wheel will have to be used for all controls.

An image of the rear seat shows that occupants at the back get their own display that sits at the end of the centre console. Moreover, the rear seats feature new bolstering on the sides too.

That is not all, for the 2021 Tesla Model S now comes with a new trim level too. The Performance variant has now been replaced by Plaid trim, but there is not much difference in performance between the two.

But, Tesla is working on a new Plaid+ variant that will feature its new battery cells. Thus, the firm claims, the Plaid+ model has a range of about 835 km all the while being able to do the 0-100 km/hr sprint in just under 2 seconds.

Another top-of-the-line product in the electric carmaker’s lineup, the Model X, will also receive the same set of upgrades as the 2021 Tesla Model S.

2021 Tesla Model S Dashboard
The cabin layout is as fresh as it gets
2021 Tesla Model S Interior
Rear seat occupant comfort has not been overlooked either
2021 Tesla Model S
The new Plaid+ model should really shake things up
2021 Tesla Model S Rear
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Model X
The Model X will also receive the same set of upgrades
Model X Rear
It too will receive the new interior layout