2022 F1 Race Car
It has been designed to make F1 races more fun to watch

Leaked images of the 2022 F1 race car show that it is pretty close to renderings that surfaced online in the past

Here we have it, the 2022 Formula 1 (F1) race car which has been carefully designed to bring about a positive change in what is dubbed as the pinnacle of 4-wheeled motorsport.

The importance of the 2022 F1 race car would already be known to motorsport fans across the globe as it aims to rectify several issues that the current crop of cars suffer from, one of which is not being able to run closely to the car in front.

To be unveiled at Silverstone in July, Liberty Media has apparently planned a special presentation event as well, the 2022 F1 race car looks unlike cars of today.

It is sleeker and more importantly, simpler. Gone are the myriad of fins and vents on the front and rear wings, as the 2022 car has simplified aerodynamics.

2022 F1 Race Car Side
New technical regulations will also be put in place next year

The nose is lower and the car will depend more on mechanical grip and ground effect, which should mean F1 drivers will be able to get closer to another car without suffering turbulence.

It also has larger side intakes to get as much air flowing through the radiators as possible, and the whole design, is more futuristic.

Thankfully, the new F1 car does not look anything like the first batch of cars that rolled up at race tracks when the hybrid-era regulations were first put in place in 2014.

However, bear in mind that this is not a car of any particular Formula 1 team and rather is meant to be a base model upon on which the teams will build their track weapons.