2022 Honda Civic Unveil Front
It is a fresh design that makes the car look much more appealing

Honda has given the world its first glimpse of the 2022 Civic with its unveil on video live streaming service Twitch.

Shown in its prototype form, the new-generation Civic looks grown-up, shedding all the funky lines for a clean unassuming exterior that will appeal to a wider audience.

According to Honda, the 11th-generation (globally) Civic also has an upgraded chassis and will be available in sedan, hatchback, Si and Type R variations.

Shown in the new Solar Flare Pearl colour, the prototype, despite not looking as aggressive as the previous generation Civic, does have a low and wide stance, a low beltline and nice detailing.

Honda says that it changed the Civic’s upper body design to maximise visibility for the driver and passengers, including moving the front roof pillars rearward relative to the driver, and relocating the side mirrors to the doors.

While the headlights, grille and bumper upfront are new, the front portion of the car has been elongated by about an inch, giving it a rear-wheel-drive vehicle look. Also, the shoulder line runs from the front fender to the taillights.

What is more evident at the rear is the slightly wider track, while there are new taillights, boot lid with a trailing edge and two oval exhaust tips.

During the 2022 Honda Civic unveil, the cabin was also previewed and the same sophisticated look has been taken inside where we see a new dashboard with a clean and uncluttered look to it.

There is a new 9-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, while the new Civic will also come with a digital instrument cluster which will likely be configurable.

Further, there are cupholders, three knobs for the climate controls and Honda will offer the latest connectivity options, apart from introducing multiple new airbag designs as well as multiple new active and passive safety systems, including driver-assist tech and Honda Sensing Safety.

Come late spring 2021 (May), the Civic sedan will get launched in the USA, followed by the hatchback, performance-focused Civic Si, and finally the high-performance Type R.

2022 Honda Civic Unveil

  • Honda has unveiled the 2022 Civic on Twitch
  • The car will come in four variations including the hot Type R
  • Set to go on sale in the USA by May next year
Prototype Interior
Minimalist dash design and large glass area will provide an airy feel inside
2022 Honda Civic Unveil Side
It looks crisp and sharp from every angle does the new Civic
Prototype Rear Profile
Honda has elongated the nose by an inch and the front roof pillars have been moved rearward too
2022 Honda Civic Unveil Prototype
It will go on sale in the USA next year