2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Front
The future is not coming, it is here

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the 2022 EQS luxury saloon with different styling, up to 771 km range and top-notch technology.

Looking unlike Mercedes’ of late that we’ve come to know and love, the EV, although not as eye-catching as the Vision EQS concept, does have presence.

The thing that grabs one’s attention immediately is the sheer length of the thing. At 5265 mm long, it is not a small car by any means.

But, because of the way it has been packaged, the EQS does look compact from some angles and features the latest lighting unit tech. If there is a gripe with regard to the styling of the car, it would be the fact that it is not outlandish enough.

Like many conventional carmakers who have begun introducing EVs, Mercedes has stuck with the traditional body style, despite going to great lengths to develop a dedicated electric platform to underpin the EQS.

Inside, the optional Hyperscreen dash with its triple-display measuring 56 inches in all dominates proceedings. It comes with the latest MBUX software and what’s more the front passengers get their separate virtual assistant each.

As standard, the 2022 Mercedes EQS comes with the S-Class’ 12.8-inch display. But, for all intents and purposes you want the Hyperscreen that will even dim the passenger screen should the car sense that the driver is taking his or her eyes off the road to take a look at what the front passenger is watching.

And the clever stuff continues, for the EQS gets all the tech that the new S-Class comes with like the optional augmented reality head-up display, 4-wheel steering, Drive Pilot autonomous tech, and, get this, the car will even open and (when the brake pedal is pressed) close the doors when people approach it.

Two versions of the 2022 Mercedes EQS – EQS 450 (rear-wheel drive) and EQS 580 4Matic – will be available overseas at launch which will happen this fall.

With 329 HP and 568 Nm, the EQS 450 can do the 0-100 km/hr sprint in 6.2 seconds, while the EQS 580 can do the same in 4.3 seconds, for it has dual motors putting out 516 HP and 854 Nm of torque.

Both variants come with a limited top speed of 209 km/hr to maximise range, which is a claimed 771 km (WLTP) on a single charge thanks to a 107.8 kWh battery pack. It also means the EQS is portly at 2480 kg for EQS 450 and 2585 kg for the 580.

A smaller 90 kWh battery pack will also be available for the EQS soon, says Mercedes which is also working on a 715 HP version (likely to be an AMG variant) of the luxury electric saloon.

So what about charging? Assuming that one can find a 200 kW charger, about 300 km additional range can be added to the EQS in 15 minutes, says Mercedes.

Expect prices of the 2022 Mercedes EQS, which is 1 of 10 that will be introduced before 2022, to begin from around $110,000 (Rs. 82.17 lakhs) and it should come to India in due course of time.

There are even 2 steering wheel designs available for the car
This really would be silent motoring, eh?
2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Side
The EV has a very low drag coefficient figure of 0.20
Rear Profile
It should be apt for people with a fixed driving routine
2022 Mercedes EQS
Over time, the technology used in this car will be available in smaller, more affordable EVs