2022 Mercedes S-Class Guard Front
It should be suitable for heads of States and people seeking the topmost protection

The 2022 Mercedes S-Class Guard has been engineered to get VPAM VR 10 certification

Mercedes has unveiled the 2022 S-Class Guard, an armoured vehicle that just so happens to look like the most popular luxury limousine in the world.

Officially called the S680 Guard 4Matic, the long wheelbase car has been developed to receive the VPAM VR 10 certification which is the latest European standard for ballistic protection.

It comes with the same interior as the regular S-Class

The certification means the complete vehicle (not just the materials used) was tested. It is above the B7, as the minimum thickness of ballistic steel required for VPAM VR 10 is 18 mm. For B7, it is 14.5 mm.

Essentially, this means the 2022 Mercedes S-Class Guard can withstand gunshots and explosions and with no ballistic gaps, it can save its occupants from grave danger.

The car has a special oxygen tank to keep its occupants breathing fresh air during an attack

To make the 2022 S-Class Guard, Mercedes revised the entire bodywork of the regular limousine. Apart from armoured plating, it also has windows (which work on hydraulics) that are 10 cm thick.

Thanks to all the ballistic protection, the new S-Class Guard weighs 4200 kg and runs on Michelin PAX run-flat tires that can be used for 30 km even after a puncture.

It comes in 4- or 5-seat layouts

On the inside, the same luxurious and tech-rich cabin is offered, with slight changes, like the provision of a built-in oxygen tank.

Powering the vehicle is a twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 that puts out 604 HP and 830 Nm (yes, it has less torque than the Maybach S680). But, that would not be of any issue as the top speed of the 2022 S680 Guard is restricted to 190 km/hr.

2022 Mercedes S-Class Guard Rear
The bodywork has no ballistic gaps

It has all-wheel-drive system, and Mercedes has had to recalibrate the gearbox and the steering so that they can handle the colossal weight of the armoured limo.

According to Mercedes, it takes 51 days for one S-Class Guard to be made and it costs €547,400 (Rs. 4.83 crores). Well, safety does not come cheap, after all.

2022 Mercedes S-Class Guard
The tyres can be used for up to 30 km after a puncture