2022 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Redditch Grey
It seems that only the Redditch series of the motorcycle has this issue

The 2022 Royal Enfield Classic 350 recall is only for models with single-channel ABS (with a rear drum brake)

Royal Enfield has decided to recall 26,300 units of the 2022 Classic 350 to rectify a potential issue in one of the parts associated with the motorcycle’s braking system.

An official statement released by the premium bike manufacturer today states that its technical team has discovered a potential issue in the brake reaction bracket attached to the Classic 350’s swinging arm.

Used specifically on the single-channel ABS and rear drum brake variant of the 2022 Classic 350, the reaction bracket could be damaged, says Enfield, under specific riding conditions where high braking load is applied on the foot brake pedal.

If the reaction bracket is damaged, it could lead to unusual braking noise and potential deterioration of braking efficiency in extreme conditions, the manufacturer claims.

2022 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Recall
Dual disc brake versions of the 350cc bike have not been recalled

It must be noted that the issue has been isolated to the 2022 Classic 350 models with the single-channel ABS and rear drum brake (Redditch series). The 26,300 models that have been affected were manufactured between 1st September, 2021 and 5th December, 2021.

The Redditch series that is offered in Grey and Sage Green colours, comes with wire-spoked wheels, a single saddle and is the only series in the new Classic 350 range to get single-channel ABS.

According to Royal Enfield, through the recall, it will reinforce the brake reaction bracket of the swingarm of all the affected units. The brand’s service teams and local dealerships will reach out to customers who own these affected motorcycles.

Consumers can also visit the brand’s website, reach out to their local Royal Enfield workshops, or call the firm on 1800 210 007 to verify if their bike falls within the manufacturing period mentioned above.

Royal Enfield states that it is committed to resolving this issue at the soonest, “with minimum inconvenience for our customers”.