2023 Honda CR-V
At last, the CRV loses the grille strip

2023 Honda CR-V will be the sixth generation model with key updates inside out

The 2023 Honda CR-V has been revealed in full ahead of its global debut. Slated to become the fifth generation model for the Japanese maker, the leaked images show that the SUV has undergone evolutionary updates rather than a completely new revolutionary upgrade.

With the car fully revealed, we can expect the global unveil soon followed by launch. The current fifth generation model went on sale back in 2016 and now has become almost outdated with an update long overdue.

2023 Honda CR-V Rear
The tail lights are now sleeker

In India, the CR-V was sold until the BS-6 norms got enforced in 2020. As the SUV didn’t sell well, Honda decided not to work on the BS-6 model and the CR-V is no longer on sale here. But that’s set to change with the introduction of the sixth generation model.

With almost all manufacturers stepping foot on to the lucrative D-segment with Mahindra’s upcoming 2023 Scorpio being the latest entrant, Honda is also expected to follow suit. But unlike the others, Honda will focus on bringing hybrid powertrains. The Japanese maker has already introduced the City’s hybrid variant, e:HEV.

2023 Honda CR-V Wheels
The alloys wheels are single-tone and look sculpted

Coming to the reveal, the 2023 CR-V features drastic updates on the exterior although the overall silhouette remains the same. At last, the front chrome strip has gone for good as that design language is quite old. Its removal has made the front grille look large and clean with the Honda logo at the center.

The headlights almost remain the same as the older model but they are now sleeker and longer. The LED units are blacked out for a meaner look and they also gel well with the all-black grille.

Matte black bottom cladding runs throughout the car offering it rugged looks. There are various sensors/cameras throughout the body giving us hints about the various drive-assist systems it might sport.

2023 Honda CR-V Mirrors
The CR-V will reportedly come with various drive assist systems

At the rear, the tail lights are again sleeker. Unlike the earlier, model, the upcoming CR-V sports a mature design which will make customers immediately feel at home. Honda is reportedly developing 2 variants for the CR-V – a 5-seater all-wheel drive and a 7-seater front-wheel drive.

Power will reportedly come from Honda’s 1.5-litre petrol engine that exerts 190 HP mated to a CVT transmission. As of now, the details of the hybrid powertrains are not known. While the 7-seater runs on 17-inch wheels, the top-end model will run on bigger 18-inchers.