For those looking at sedans for the price of entry level hatchbacks, we bring to you a list of the budget sedans available that you can buy in the used car market. While these may be big and bold sedans, they don’t come with expensive service costs and maintenance charges and are easy to live with. So have a look at this list first before you opt for a brand new basic hatchback. This compilation might want you to reconsider your decision.

1. Maruti Suzuki SX4

The SX4 was launched in the C-segment space and Maruti sold quite many when the car was launched, while offering decent looks and space for the passengers. The car was launched with a peppy 1.6-litre petrol and the 1.3-litre DDiS was later added to the line-up of the SX4. The car also offers a high ground clearance of 180 mm which makes a breeze to drive on our roads. On the interior front, you will find all the basic comforts like the stereo, Air-Con, power windows, power steering and rear windscreen de-foggers and so on. The ZXi and ZDi versions also received steering mounted controls and a tilt steering. The plastic quality wasn’t that great though, compared to the rivals. Both the engines also return a decent fuel economy of around 15 km/l for the petrol and around 20 km/l for the diesel.

The cabin could fairly seat 5 in comfort, while the big windows added an airy feel to the cabin. The boot is also spacious enough for 2 full sized suitcases. Backed by the Maruti Suzuki service network, the cost of maintenance and spares are also less and won’t creep into your pocket. A 6 year old SX4 will easily cost you over 3 lakhs with 40,000 kms on the odo. Expect lower running costs compared to the rivals while having a spacious sedan to drive.

2. Hyundai Verna

The Verna came in with lots of features and electronics on board but was a design dud. It was offered in a petrol and diesel engine that was fun to drive. You will get a stereo system, power windows, tilt and telescopic steering and much more added to the feature list. The rear seats are extremely spacious and will easily seat 5 in comfort. Also the beige interiors compliment the overall premium feel of the cabin. The Verna also made decent economy run of 12 km/l for the petrol and 15 km/l for the diesel. The sore point mainly lies in the vague steering wheel and the typical Hyundai soft suspension of the car.

You will find a used Verna in the market starting from Rs. 3 lakhs for a seven year old model with 40,000 kms on the odo. The diesels are also in great demand and won’t be difficult in finding a clean one.

3. Maruti Swift Dzire

Maruti’s entry level segment car really offers the best of efficiency and performance at an affordable price point. You could easily source a DZire with a petrol and diesel option, with the latter being in more demand though. Both the engines are peppy and fuel efficient and also return a decent fuel economy. Design wise the front of the DZire looks the same as the Swift hatchback apart from the difference in grill design, while the rear has a rather stout appearance. The front seats are very comfortable, but there isn’t really much leg room at the rear for the passengers. You also get steering mounted controls, tilt steering, power windows and other features on the DZire. The higher versions also offer ABS and airbags as standard.

Nonetheless, the DZire is in great demand for its potent looks and performance and the bargain price won’t go down any sooner. Both the engines manage to return a healthy fuel efficiency of over 15 km/l for the petrol and 19 km/l for the diesel. A used DZire will cost you around Rs. 3.50 lakhs with over 55,000 kms on the odo. With nominal service costs, the DZire comes off as a bargain in the long run. Find a clean example and you won’t have to worry about major repairs anytime soon.

4. Mahindra Logan/Verito

Renault Logan News
If you plan to get chauffeured for long distances, the Logan is the car you should opt for. The Logan started life under the Mahindra-Renualt alliance, but soon had to be rechristened as the Verito after the JV had a fall out. The Logan offers excellent cabin space with no extra frills and flare on the exteriors. The interiors are ergonomically designed and come with all the needed electronics like the stereo, power windows, and tilt steering and so on. The extra spaced rear seat offers good leg room and under thigh support, perfect for long journeys while the 1.5-litre DCi diesel engine is known to be a workhorse.

If choosing for the Logan, look for the less driven ones in both the petrol and diesel options, since you might find most driven over 80,000 kms from the taxi market. You also get a factory fitted CNG option reducing your fuel bills. You could easily crack a clean car with 35,000 kms on the odo for less than Rs. 3 lakhs that will easily serve your purpose and also keep your running costs low.

5. Tata Manza

The Manza is a good option for those looking for space and practicality. The exteriors may not have the desirable looks, but does serve the purpose very well. The double barrel headlamps and the tall boy stance add weight to the whole appeal of the car. On the interior front, the Manza can actually accommodate a club inside. 5 people can easily sit in comfort, while the big windows make for an airy cabin. The car also features loads of electronic goodies like Bluetooth connectivity, steering mounted audio and phone controls; you also get the trip metre, automatic climate control, ABS and airbags on the higher trims. The interior quality is nothing to boast about though.

The spare parts are easily available and moderately priced, while the car is reliable enough to live with. The Manza offers a good package of power and performance in petrol and diesel options, with the latter being a more desirable choice of the two. You can easily find a 2009 Manza with 35,000 kms on the odo for around Rs. 3 lakhs, while the petrol versions will cost you even lower.