Royal Enfield Continental GT Test Drive Review

Royal Enfield’s halo product, the Continental GT has made its debut at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the hands of ace performance tuner Matt Capri. Matt, a speed freak known for tuning British bikes has taken two of his heavily modified Continental GTs to the Salt Flats for the Speed Week event that puts the Continental GT against the great white salt pan and the forces of nature, while going as fast he can in a straight line. As Matt states, the Continental GTs gets some significant overhauls without any changes to the chassis of the cafe racer.

Matt Capri has given the Continental GT a number of performance upgrades including tuned camshafts; cylinder heads, pistons, throttle bodies and exhaust system. The compression ratio has also been increased at 12:1 (stock ratio 8:1) and an electronic fuel injection system has been added for precise fuel delivery and effective throttle response. With all of these modifications on board, the tuned Continental GT now produces 60 BHP of power, twice the standard output. The CGT also gets a fairing for improved aerodynamics.

The Bonneville Salt Flats is essentially a large salt pan in Utah State of the US that is known to host three major events with all of them singularly aimed to push machines at break neck speeds. Several tuners, specialists and speed junkies come to this salt pan to make the most of the plain white desert with their cars, motorcycles and trucks to participate, break and set new land speed records. The Speed Week was scheduled between 22nd to 25th August and the performance results are yet to be declared.

Matt also stated that the performance upgrades haven’t cost him loads of money and are very much in the acceptable reaches of bike enthusiasts. While the results from the speed week are yet to be announced, you can check out the ace tuner himself talk on what makes the Continental GT so special. Keep watching this space to find out the results from the speed run.

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