Adani Vehicles Trademark India
The trademark application was filed in 2020

The Adani vehicles trademark was first filed in 2013!

India’s second-richest person seems to be exploring an entry into the automobile sector. That’s right, the Adani Group might well set foot in the auto market in the future.

S B Adani Trust, an Adani Group entity, has recently received trademark approval to use the title ‘Adani’ for vehicles operating on land, in the air and in water.

As per recent developments, Adani’s plan is to enter the electric mobility space, specifically the commercial vehicle segment, beginning with buses and trucks.

Such electric commercial vehicles will initially be used for the ports-to-power conglomerate’s in-house requirements in airports and ports.

Electric Commercial Vehicles
The Adani Group will be rivalling the Tata Group and Reliance Industries

The group also plans to establish a research and development (R&D) facility in the special economic zone (SEZ) at Mundra in Gujarat, for the same. But there’s more.

Adani vehicles, trademark for which has been approved several months after the application was originally filed, could well use batteries made by the group which also wants to instal EV charging stations across the nation.

The electrification of commercial vehicles, notably light commercial vehicles (LCVs) is happening at a rapid pace now. While the cost of operation of diesel light or medium cargo carriers stand at Rs. 4/- per km, an electric alternative only costs 80 paise a km, which would lead to huge savings in the long run.