2024 Apple CarPlay Features

Apple CarPlay to get more flexible and customisable in its next generation avatar

Apple CarPlay is poised for a significant update, promising expanded control and customisation for drivers. Initially previewed in 2022, Apple elaborated on the advancements during its recent Worldwide Developers Conference. Although a specific release date has not been announced, the new CarPlay is expected to roll out later this year.

The updated CarPlay focuses heavily on customisation, leveraging the multiple screens available in most modern vehicles. Apple aims to provide a seamless, integrated experience that feels native to each automaker’s brand. To achieve this, Apple invites automakers to co-develop the CarPlay interface, allowing for vehicle-specific adaptations. This collaboration ensures that the new CarPlay can incorporate various “dynamic content” areas tailored to individual manufacturer requirements.

The new CarPlay system offers extensive personalisation options for drivers. According to Apple CarPlay Human Interface Designer Ben Crick, users can configure everything from gauge designs to information layouts to match their preferences. The platform’s scalability means it can adapt to different screen sizes and layouts, enhancing its versatility. For instance, auxiliary gauges can be displayed on the centre screen, while navigation maps can be positioned on a passenger screen, provided the vehicle supports these features.

CarPlay’s enhancements extend beyond entertainment and navigation. The new platform is designed to integrate with various vehicle systems, including climate control settings, drive modes, driver-assist features and camera controls. However, these capabilities depend on automakers’ willingness to co-develop their systems with CarPlay. This collaborative approach is crucial for unlocking CarPlay’s full potential in controlling deeper vehicle functions.

While some automakers are hesitant to integrate CarPlay or Android Auto, others have embraced the new system. Porsche and Aston Martin have announced collaborations to incorporate the next gen CarPlay in their future vehicles. As for other manufacturers, there has been no official word on their plans. The automotive industry’s response to this enhanced CarPlay system remains to be seen, with many enthusiasts and industry observers eagerly awaiting further announcements.

2024 Apple CarPlay
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