2016 Aprilia SR 150 Review
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Aprilia SR 150 Review

Bike Tested: Aprilia SR 150

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 79,312/-

Adrenaline rush is the intense addiction to racing and speed which the SR 150 scooter now offers

Back in the year 2008, it was Kinetic that parted ways with Honda and yet as a last token brought to us the Italiano series with the Kinetic Blaze. It was at that time we got a fair idea that scooters can look marvelous and can pack bigger, more powerful engines. There were a few interesting scooters but more focused on practicality and comfort in the mean time. This year Piaggio with its portfolio brand Aprilia rolled out their first crossover motorcycle which is a 150cc scooter know as the Aprilia SR 150. We did witness the roll-out of the first few scooters and we were lucky enough to get a ride of the crossover moto-scooter. Here are our first impressions of yet another Italian beauty.

Motor Quest: Aprilia was born into racing and is the real sporty flagship brand for the Piaggio Group. The Aprilia SR 150 is its first make in India project with 90% localisation of the moto-scooter at the company’s Baramati plant. The first lot of the Aprilia SR 150 has been rolled out this month.

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Edgy design taken from the Aprilia RSV4

The Aprilia SR 150 was unveiled for the first time at the 2016 Auto Expo after which we could see it in flesh. Styling is one of the USPs for this moto-scooter as the Aprilia SR 150 has all of its bits styled according to the flagship Aprilia RSV4. Though it’s a scooter, rather a moto-scooter, it gets 14-inch rims and mind blowing design cues with the graphics perfectly matched to the moto-scooter. The dual-pod headlamp steals the look, while the split indicators on the rear and small tail-lamp with the extended mudguard gives a complete motorcycle look.

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A tiny dual pod analog console does the job on the Aprilia SR 150

The instrument cluster isn’t impressive. It’s a small analog unit with two sections. One has the fuel gauge while the other has the speedometer and odometer. The unit is pretty small but as the moto-scooter has the Italian traits, the white background has the speed indicated in km/hr as well as in m/hr. The quality of the switchgear is good while it has a matte finish all over. The Aprilia SR 150 also gets a pass light. The front brake oil chamber is very well blended with the body and doesn’t protrude.

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Ergonomics of a scooter yet a racer in the heart

Considering the ergonomics, the Aprilia SR 150 is created on a platform of a scooter that feels like a motorcycle; it has a footboard, a small handlebar and there is no chassis or any fuel tank in between the legs making it really comfortable. The seat feels a bit higher while the cushioning isn’t that soft, even for the pillion. The pillion footpegs are far ahead which sometimes hit the rider’s legs. Overall the moto-scooter feels small and nimble unlike any other powerful moto-scooter in India.

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Power delivery is amazing throughout the rev range

The engine on the Aprilia SR 150 has been taken from the Vespa 150, yet it runs on a different state of tune and hence the behavior is completely different. Even though the motor puts out 10.4 HP of power and 11.5 Nm of torque, there is no immediate grunt. Rather the engine delivers all its power in a linear manner. The power delivery is so linear that until one would notice, the Aprilia SR 150 comfortably reaches 80 km/hr.

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An efficient state of tune with linear performance all the way to the top

Full throttle and the Aprilia SR 150 hits the ton without much of the rider’s effort

There is a good chance with a longer stretch of the road where the Aprilia SR 150 wouldn’t hesitate to go all out at 120 km/hr. Surprisingly there is no harshness from the engine though tad bit of vibrations are felt all over the moto-scooter. The Aprilia SR 150 has a peculiar exhaust note, a bit different from the Vespa 150, which is a bit bassy and audible at high speed pass-by moments.

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Agility from the steel chassis is the backbone for the Aprilia SR 150

Many would say performance would be the second USP but it isn’t. It is the amazing riding dynamics the Aprilia SR 150 offers. Within the first few kms I had a good idea of how amazing the SR 150 rides on the tarmac. The grip from the Vee Rubber tyres on the 14-inch rims with the harder suspension setup, the Aprilia SR 150 is a complete gem to ride. The moto-scooter stays in control at all times. Even with the weight it caries, the extra performance and the agile nature of the scooter makes it easily flickable and maneuverable.

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There is some fun even off the road with the Aprilia SR 150

Agile riding dynamics of the Aprilia SR 150 are almost equal to a motorcycle

The Aprilia SR 150 has such good handling and an amazing ride quality that even with a bit of abuse, it wouldn’t mind it at all. Off the road the ride quality worsens to a huge extent but it’s the amazing bite from the brakes that inspires confidence. The front disc brake coupled with the grippy rubber transfer a good amount of braking feedback making it easy to be pushed hard.

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The rear of the Aprilia SR 150 completely resembles a motorcycle

At a price of Rs. 65,000/- (ex-showroom, Pune), the Aprilia SR 150 is a complete steal. Amazing riding dynamics, linear performance coupled with the Italian styling, this moto-scooter is an amazing crossover. It might lack the practicality that various scooters offer but it’s the overall appeal which would get Piaggio good numbers for this moto-scooter. Back in time, the Kinetic Blaze couldn’t capture a good market share but the SR 150 has what it takes to live up to the Aprilia name.

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The Aprilia SR 150 is a budget power scooter

What’s Cool

* 14-inch rims with grippy tyres from Malaysia
* Styling and design based on the flagship Aprilia RSV4
* Agile and amazing riding dynamics for a moto-scooter
* Linear power delivery all throughout the power band
* First-in-class 220 mm front disc brakes and 32 mm telescopic forks

What’s Not So Cool

* Only single headlamp works at a time
* Not completely practical with short foot board and small under seat storage
* Unwanted vibrations from engine at idle
* The ride quality worsens with the road