After making huge ground in commercial and electric car business, Mahindra is a planning to make driverless tractors which could be revolutionary.

Mahindra Tractor
A driverless tractor could just be what our country needs

We all have seen autonomous cars but have you seen an driverless tractor ever? We could see it in the future. Mahindra is investing in the future of mobility to play a pioneering role to make driverless tractors and commercial vehicles. This kind of tractors that operate autonomously can change the future of food productivity.

Mahindra is investing in the future of mobility by combining their manufacturing capabilities and investments in a downstream platform. According to Mahindra, this driverless tractor concept will be centered around three topics, shared mobility, role of renewable energy power led vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

Mahindra’s Trringo business is revolutionising the tractor industry by enabling farmers to hire tractors for a short period of time, bringing mechanisation within the reach of every small farmer. There is no doubt that Mahindra is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world, but by making driverless tractors, they are aiming for massive achievements.

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