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The seat on the scooter is small and not very spacious

Ergonomics – The seat height of the scooter is quite high which makes the seating position very upright. It has a long seat and can accommodate two adults. The cushioning on the seats is hard and not much comfortable, however, this gives stability to the rider at high speeds. Underseat storage of the scooter is very less and can only accommodate a half-face helmet. The front panel is scooped-out and offers decent legroom. The position of the pillion footpegs can bother the rider at times.

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The scooter offers best performance in the segment

Performance – Aprilia Storm 125 is powered by an air-cooled, SOHC 3 valve 124.7cc engine which produces 9.6 PS at 7250 RPM and 9.9 NM at 6250 RPM. The engine is very throttle friendly. Twist the throttle and the scooter climbs speed in no time. It is the fastest scooter in the 125cc segment. The scooter offers good low-end and top-end performance and the power delivery is linear throughout the range. Our test scooter was topping out at 110 km/hr on meter while it did 88 km/hr on the VBOX test.

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The light weight of the scooter helps in quick acceleration

The acceleration of the scooter is sporty and aggressive

The exhaust note has a rattling sound and is quite throaty. It has a fuel tank of 6.5-litres and is capable of delivering fuel efficiency of 35-40 km/litres. Vibrations can be felt on the scooter when the throttle is wide open. The scooter lacks engine refinement but it is not that harsh.

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The scooter is very agile at high speeds

Riding Dynamics – The Storm 125 has very stiff ride quality and lacks comfort on bad roads, but it is hands down the most fun-to-ride scooter in its segment. The 120-section front and 130-section rear tyre are one of the largest tyres we’ve ever seen on a scooter. These wide tyres offer excellent grip on the corners and inspire confidence to go hard. It gets drum brakes at both front and rear, however, it offers decent braking performance. The long wheelbase of 1365 mm offers stability to the scooter at high speed and keeps the bike planted on the road even over triple-digit speeds.