New Maruti Ritz

The recent violence at Maruti’s Manesar plant is taking all possible twists and turns with the matter being analysed by the Bangalore based Vedic astrologer now. Rumors say that the site where the plant is situated today was once a burial ground. Keeping the rumors aside, the company has strong reasons to consult the astrologers as the plant has been subjected to such problems earlier too. Last year too, there was a strike at the plant leading to halt in production for over a month. This year, the violence took the life of a HR manager at the site and left almost 100 workers injured.

The Vaastu correction will be taken up to eliminate the negative energy that is being assumed to have been residing in the area. The plant at Manesar consists of 3 units- Plant A,B and C. Plant A was providing good results where as problem started at plant B where labor and production issues started. The management has also decided to sack all those who were responsible for the violence at the plant. Teams are investigating to find out all the responsible ones. The workers under scrutiny would be the A-shift workers as their shift starts at 7 am and ends at 3 pm. The B-shift workers were busy with the production till 7 pm, thus their role in the incident has been eliminated.

Primary witnesses are being interrogated and the management is stern at the decision of sacking those proved guilty as there is no scope for retaining any of the workers involved in the assault. Identification of the guilty is taking time as most attackers had camouflaged themselves on the fateful day. The violence at the plant has left the plant locked for over twenty days now. Bookings of Swift and Dzire are still on and thus are piling up. The waiting period can extend from the current 4 months to 6 months as the production has not yet resumed. The company is fearing a loss of 40 percent customers to its competitors because of the delay in delivery.

The existing inventory of 26,000 units has already been dispatched to the dealers. In order to retain its customers, the company is planning for massive public relations campaign. The customers would be briefed about the situation at Manesar and new tentative delivery dates would be announced. As a part of the PR campaign, first the company would directly contact those who have already booked the cars. In the later stage, they might resort to the media advertorials too.

Well, such a campaign took place last year too after the strike at the plant. In 2004, the company had placed an advertisement as there was a strike at Chandigarh plant which led to piling up of Wagon R bookings. Will, the company be able to retain its customers and gain back their confidence? Will the customers understand the situation? Is it really the work of some dark forces or is the location of the plant not the right one for the company as per the Vaastu? Will the management be successful in identifying the guilty ones and start production in the plant? These questions only time can answer as we too are eager to know as how much you are.

Source – Economic Times