ATS Sport 1000 Street Front Overlook

A sportscar built with light-weight materials and compact, high performance engine is the working motto behind the ATS Sport 1000. This supercar is the brainchild of Automobili Turismo Sport (ATS), a firm of Italian origin founded by Ferrari F1 engineers. The Sport 1000 is a street legal sportscar fitted with powerful sportsbike engine. The stock ATS Sport 1000 is available with the four-cylinder, 200 BHP, inline engine found powering the Kawasaki Ninja 1000. There is also an option of choosing your own drivetrain of four-cylinders from the likes of Yamaha, Suzuki, MV Augusta and Honda bikes.

The ATS Sport 1000 weighs under 500 kgs. The chassis is made up of stainless steel and paneled in aluminium and the body is made up of Glass Reinforced Plastic. The chassis and the body collectively weigh just above 110 kgs. It features a chain drive transmission which sends power through a Qualife ATB limited slip differential. The vehicle features six piston callipers for some serious braking. On safety grounds, the Sport 1000 has a front honeycomb crashbox, anti-roll bars, an aluminium fuel tank with explosafe and six-point Sparco seatbelts.

The Sport 1000 is a two-seater car and will be made available in both race and street-legal compliances. But majorly it will be for those racing enthusiasts who could just drive their machine to the racetrack and then do some serious racing. ATS is also working on another sportscar, the 2500 GT powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged Cosworth engine mounted on a tubular chassis. The white painted car in the pictures is the Race version while the Blue painted car is the street version of the Sport 1000. For those enthusiastic buyers, the ATS Sport 1000 Race is priced at €24,990 (Rs. 19.2 lakhs) and the street version begins at €43,500 (Rs. 33.4 lakhs).

ATS Sport 1000 Race Front Overlook

ATS Sport 1000 Street Side

ATS Sport 1000 Race Side

ATS Sport 1000 Street Rear

ATS Sport 1000 Race

ATS Sport 1000 Street Front

ATS Sport 1000 Race Front