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The Ford EcoSport is going to be launched any moment, bookings have started, dealerships are giving their price estimates and brochures are circulating. However Ford dealers are yet to receive the car and contrary to what was expected, most people are booking a white colour EcoSport, even though Mars Red is the flagship colour of this compact SUV. Ford is likely to produce larger quantities of the Mars Red colour but India buyers love for white colour is almost irreplaceable. Although the brochure of the Ford EcoSport surfaced on the internet earlier, we have got our hands on the complete 14 page brochure of the vehicle, which details all the features.

Blue Oval will also offer a range of accessories on the Ford EcoSport, including roof rails, rear spoiler, scuff plate, side step bar, spare wheel cover, side graphics, GPS system, sport pedals, headlamp and bonnet protector, roof rack tray, car cover, white streak bulbs, ambient lighting, rear view camera with IRVM display, front and rear bumper silver applique and vinyl seat covers. These accessories should be priced quite aggressively and the spare wheel cover is going to be the most in demand, expected at a price of around Rs. 6000/-.

The Ford EcoSport will be offered in 4 variants, powered by three engines and positioned against the Renault Duster. The EcoSport is a sub 4-metre vehicle and thus the American automaker is expected to undercut the Duster by a slight margin. The EcoSport comes loaded with a host of features including keyless entry, button start, SYNC, climate control and 6 airbags (none of these features are offered on the Duster). Meanwhile checkout the complete brochure of the Ford EcoSport below.

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