The world is becoming smaller or atleast our cars are! Following the path of many global manufacturers, Audi is considering a mini-SUV which could be called the Q1. The idea is still in primitive stage only and the German automaker has not confirmed anything just yet. If an Audi Q1 indeed happens, then it would be based on the A1 hatchback platform. Engines and most of the parts will be shared with the A1 to ensure cost advantage. Audi is clear that they won’t be competing with the Ford EcoSport and would position the Q1 as a premium mini SUV. Audi’s SUVs have evolved from the Q7, which was followed by the Q5 and now Q3. With this trend, you can’t rule out the Q1 anytime in the foreseeable future.

If Audi manage to decide on the Q1 mini SUV, the could make huge benefits by launching it in India. Furthermore, since India has a market for such kind of vehicles, the company can setup a manufacturing base and utilize the low production costs to its advantage. A locally manufactured Q1 should be priced anywhere between Rs. 12-15 lakhs and would see quite well. More so, the SUV would be sub 4-meter in length at 3.95 m long. Power would come in from a 1.2-litre TFSi turbocharged petrol engine and the company could tap into Volkswagen’s diesel portfolio for a sub 1.5-litre diesel engine. This will help in lower excise duties on the Audi Q1. The compact SUV market is the most anticipated segment in India, having huge potential with several car makers lining up launches.

2011 Audi A1 Interior

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2012 Audi A1 5-Door India

Car pictured here is the Audi A1 5-door hatchback, which will form the basis of the Audi Q1.