Audi Crossover Concept Unveil

Earlier this week, you read about Audi’s plans to launch their new compact SUV, the Q1, in 2016. The Q1 will be the fourth crossover in the Audi lineup, targeted at the first time luxury car buyer. Now, Audi has released a fresh set of sketches of a concept vehicle. In the pictures you can see a three-door vehicle and the design resembles that of a mini crossover. The length is 4.2-metres, 185 mm less than the current entry-level crossover from the company. Audi has stated that this new concept will be showcased at the Detroit Motor Show next month.

After looking at the pictures, it is expected that the new Audi Q1 will borrow many styling cues from this concept. The company stated that this new design combines a lot of visual features from future models along with the typical Audi Quattro system that provides go-anywhere capability and the “Shooting Brake” body style. In actual size, the new concept is only slightly smaller than the Q3. Audi hasn’t divulged any more details about the vehicle but there is a high possibility that it might be a plug-in hybrid or a full electric vehicle which is called e-tron in Audi speak.

The Audi Q1 mini-SUV will be added to their current portfolio of SUVs which includes the Q3, Q5 and Q7. It is not a surprising fact that the sales numbers of premium SUVs are much greater than their sedan counterparts, not only in India but even globally. The Q1 will be launched in India and it will be priced below the Q3, which starts from Rs. 24.99 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi). The Audi Q1 will surely find many takers here and it will be considered by many who are in the market for a premium offering from companies like Skoda, Volkswagen and Toyota.

Audi Crossover Concept

Audi Crossover Concept Interiors

Audi Crossover Concept Front