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Audi is riding high and the strategies it is adopting in the automobile market are like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which trashes and destroys whatever comes its way. In India, Audi has gained the second spot on the luxury car manufacturer list after BMW. The German car manufacturer launched a number of vehicles this year and had a fantastic fiscal year.

Now what’s more fantastic is the news which we heard from the Audi stable. Audi is developing a new Minivan based on the A3 platform. A3 is Audi’s small family car and the minivan will be named Vario. The Vario will get a newly designed interior and even though sharing A3’s MQB modular platform, one can expect the car to be as spacious as an A4 and it will give a lounge feel. The car will be a part of A3’s line up. The new Audi will measure 4.5-metres and to power the Minivan, expect the well appreciated 2.0-TFSI EA288 engine which produces 211 HP and 2.0 TDI producing 180 BHP. The customers may get option between a fold-down rear seat and two or three foldable individual seats.

Expected launch of the Audi Vario is around 2016 and the Vario will be priced in the € 24,000 to € 41,000 bracket. BMW is also developing a minivan based on its 1-Series. Now what all we know is both these offering from the German rivals will take on each other head to head and shake the segment. Expect Mercedes-Benz to follow suit with something on similar lines.

Audi recently revised its target to become the number 1 luxury car maker in the world. The German automaker had earlier said it will overtake BMW and Mercedes-Benz comfortably by 2015. However the recent economic meltdown has resulted in the targets being revised by 5 years to 2020. Audi says it does not just want to become the number 1 but also wants to be in a position to sustain the position for a long time.

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– Kanishk Arora