The country’s second largest bike manufacturer, Bajaj Auto has produced a record number of 10 million DTS-i engines. The DTS-i technology was introduced first in its Pulsar range of bikes. After watching its runaway success in the Pulsar series, Bajaj also introduced the same technology in its Discover models. Currently Bajaj Auto is woking on its new series of Pulsars and it is expected to be launched by the month of December. The to-be-unveiled Pulsar series is going to be much better than the current generation of Pulsars. According to the company sources, the new series of Pulsars will be featuring technologies better than the current DTS-i.

“This technology has contributed substantially to our leadership in the sports segment and also in creating a differentiated offering in the commuter segment. At a time when fuel prices are skyrocketing, our DTS-i technology has proved extremely beneficial to our customers.” K Srinivas, president Motorcycle Business at Bajaj Auto said

The DTS-i technology used by Bajaj stands for Digital Twin Spark ignition which as the name suggests, employs 2 spark-plugs for the combustion to take place. Using 2 spark plugs actually helps in better combustion of the air fuel mixture thus reducing emissions and also increasing the fuel efficiency. Apart from celebrating its production of 10 million DTS-i engines, it is also celebrating 10 years of the presence of Pulsar in the Indian market since its launch in November 2001.

Pulsar 220F Driving View