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The Chetak’s retro looking cluster only shows the most crucial data

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – The console on the Chetak carries forward the retro theme and is an all-digital unit, not the most readable in broad daylight but gives you all the essential data, nothing more. In comparison, the Ather 450 is a couple of giant steps ahead with its 7-inch touch-screen cluster which comes with integrated Google Maps! The fonts, colours, info and design are just better on the Ather 450 and it also gets ‘Over The Air’ updates because this one has an in-built sim, the possibilities are endless, making the Chetak’s cluster not only look retro but feel so too!

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The Ather’s touchscreen cluster shows a ton of data including navigation

Both scooters get all digital instrument clusters, but the one on the Ather is far more advanced and modern looking

While Ather offers an app to check various parameters of the scooter via a smartphone, Bajaj says their app will do something similar and will be launched soon, although it won’t let you push a location on the scooter’s cluster for navigation which is there in the Ather 450. Switchgear quality is better on the Chetak with premium feeling buttons while the Ather’s switches come across as a bit cheap. Bajaj has smartly placed a button to open the storage below the handlebar (Ather has a hook here to hold groceries while Bajaj has a retracting hook right ahead of the seat) as well as the under-seat and there is also a USB charging port (illuminated and below the handlebar where you can keep the scooter’s documents while the 450 lets you keep the documents digitally in the cluster) in the Chetak which is shockingly not present in the 450!

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The Chetak is spacious & practical but the Ather can fit a full-face helmet

Ergonomics – Both scooters have an upright riding position with similar seat heights but the Ather 450 feels cramped for tall riders like me while the Bajaj Chetak has more space on the footboard to move your feet comfortably. The Chetak also has a softer seat which has better cushioning and pillion comfort is better too, it gets retracting footpegs as well (they are fixed on the Ather 450) with a bigger and better grab-rail! The under-seat storage is bigger on the 450, enough to fit a full-faced helmet while the Chetak can only accommodate a half-face one. Bajaj has been more thoughtful in designing its electric scooter as there is a proper storage space for the charger as well as your phone but in the 450, the only place to store the aforementioned items is under the seat although there are straps and compartments to hold things in place. Both scooters give a decent view of what’s around with the mirror having a unique and sharp design.