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The Chetak gets keyless-go while the Ather gets an exposed charging port

Performance – The Bajaj Chetak gets keyless start (if the key is with you, the scooter unlocks and starts once you push the button, it also lets you locate the scooter with a touch of a button sounding the alarm and turning on the hazards) while you need to use the key in the Ather 450. The charging port is located below the handlebar on the right side in the 450 while Bajaj has placed the port right below the pillion seat, so while charging is more convenient in the Ather, it’s more secure in the Bajaj. Both scooters get park assist which lets you reverse the scooter up to speeds of 2 and 3 km/hr in the 450 and Chetak respectively.

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Both scooters get regenerative braking along with park assist

The Ather not only has a higher top speed but also feels more responsive and offers better acceleration than the Chetak

While both are electric scooters, there is a difference between their motors and battery. While both the scooters have an IP67 rated battery, the Chetak also has an IP67 rated motor while the 450 has an IP66 rated motor. Ather’s electric motor is more powerful but being a belt drive (the Chetak is a direct drive), also has a higher loss from the motor to the wheels, it produces 5.4 kW/7 BHP and 20.5 Nm against the Chetak’s 4.08 kW/5.5 BHP and 16 Nm. Both scooters get regenerative braking.

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The Chetak feels more relaxed while the Ather feels engaging to ride

The result is, the Ather simply is the faster scooter here, having an immediate response while the Chetak doesn’t feel electric somehow, till you reach around 30 km/hr where it offers the electric punch. Overall performance is better on the Ather and both scooters have Sport modes with the 450’s giving you a rush like no other. Both scooters also get an Eco mode with the Ather also getting an additional regular riding mode (the Chetak will automatically switch to Sports mode when you throttle more than 85% and get back to Eco as soon as you leave throttle). Top speed is higher in the 450 at 80 km/hr, the Chetak tops out at 70 km/hr.