Bajaj Auto has started a campaign against piracy in the country. The Police have conducted raids on few automobile spare parts shops in Balaram Street, Mumbai, which were packing & selling counterfeit parts of Bajaj spare parts packed in non-genuine packing. These criminal actions not only infringe ‘Bajaj brand ‘ affecting brands credibility, but also cheat the customer who gets a substandard part, which when fitted in vehicle will not give proper service, besides possibly creating safety issues. The government also loses precious revenue in terms of taxes.

In order to contain this social menace, Bajaj Auto has initiated action against such counterfeiters and following shops in Balaram Street, Mumbai were raided with the help of EIPR Mumbai and Mumbai Police and the named persons were arrested.

1) M/s. Satkar Automobile (Mr. Sarvinder Sarvansingh)

2) M/s. Perfect Scooters (Mr. Sarbajit Santuksingh)

3) M/s. Raj Ratan Automobiles (Mr. Kantilal Pukhrajji Bohra)

4) M/s. Dilip Auto Agency (Mr. Dilip Babulalji Bafna)

Above offenders have been arrested and FIR has been filed against them under Trademark act. 4000 pieces of Counterfeit parts, fake packing material, worth Rs. 3 lakhs were seized from their premises. Bajaj Auto has taken elaborate steps to ensure that its genuine spare parts are easy to identify. A holographic strip with special characteristics is a part of every packaged part. The details of the security measures are detailed on the Bajaj Auto website: under the Service section. Bajaj Auto has conducted similar raids in Pune and will conduct such raids in all other cities across the country to protect Bajaj brand and the customer.