Bajaj Discover 100M Review

Bajaj Discover 100M Review

Bike Tested: 2013 Bajaj Discover 100M

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 54,850/-

The Discover 100M is a cheaper variant of the 100T, offering even more value.

Bajaj Auto has launched the new variant of the Discover family, the 100M. The 100M uses a new platform and has been launched at an attractive price tag of Rs. 44,754/- for the base variant in Maharashtra. Bajaj Auto has been doing well after the plant strike came to an end. Finally 3 lakh units were shipped last month, all thanks to the Discover 100T. Bajaj wants to further utilise the festive season by launching this new variant of the Discover. M stands for mileage and internally Bajaj classifies its competitors and segments the entry-level bikes into three categories (M1, M2, M3). We rode for a brief moment and we are here with the first ride report with our initial impression of the Discover 100M. Is it a new Discover? We attempt to find out from our short stint.

Bajaj Discover 100M ConsoleDiscover 100M Review

Coming to the styling, there is no major change when compared to the T variants of the Discover family. The Bajaj Discover 100M gets a full chain case, which looks better with the mouldings done on the outside for a better visual appeal. The exhaust end can is new with slightly longer dimension. It looks much sleeker than before and gets a different heat shield plate too. Aluminium rear foot peg set, a Pulsar thing, is added with a slight tweak to the 100M. Fit and finish levels are up to the mark and as always paint job is well executed.

Bajaj Discover 100M EngineBajaj Discover 100M Performance

No company can offer a product at a lower price tag without cutting cost on the product which is based on a more expensive model. In this case it’s the same. Bajaj has skipped on the chrome which surrounds the dials on the instrument cluster. The side panels are devoid of the fuel knob which is now body painted and comes with body graphics on it. Switchgear retains pass light switch and like other T and ST models, it does not have a engine kill button.

Bajaj Discover 100M BrakesBajaj Discover 100M Ride

When it comes to refinement and refining the products, Bajaj has been very quick with new Discover models. The 125 ST had vibrations, which were resolved on the 100T. The 100T had a rear which had a softer suspension and didn’t feel in sync. However with the 100M, all feels good. Bajaj says, this is the most potent 100cc engine in the market today and we agree to them on this account. This engine is the best breathing Discover engine ever since the first Discover was launched in the year 2004. The engine feels refined and smooth. Peppy and torquey are exactly the right words to describe it. There are no vibrations in low and mid-end of the power band. The engine gets buzzy on the top of the power band only. Start accelerating and till the time you reach third gear, you are already doing 55 km/hr with minimum effort. Excellent numbers for a city slicker, after all, four gears have their own benefits. Well-spaced ratios is what we can say at this moment. Top speed is a respectable 95 km/hr.

Bajaj Discover 100M ComfortBajaj Discover 100M Test Ride

The Bajaj Discover 100M rides on the same chassis as the 100T but it has been slightly tweaked with a shorter wheelbase and so is the front geometry. The ride does feel stiffer but not uncomfortable, after all the dynamics always compromise on comfort which you will hardly notice because the seat cushioning is sublime. However, most importantly the motorcycle should give you the confidence while riding enthusiastically which is more important to the customer in this segment.

Bajaj Discover 100M Road TestBajaj Discover 100M Test Ride Review

Overall a neat job executed by Bajaj. Pricing as always is spot on and the Discover 100M comes with all the bells and whistles what a customer in this segment asks for. However, when we heard it’s a new platform we expected new styling but the new Discover’s styling has been well praised by customers and critics alike. This makes Bajaj feel more confident making them avoid going back to the drawing board which saves time and money. However, we still feel the M variant should have one distinct colour of its own. Since Bajaj Auto themselves have said their hopes are high with the Discover 100M, they will focus harder on the rural market with future M variants. The Discover 100M does come across as a good product for semi-urban consumers but will it topple the proven segment leader is something only time will tell.