Bajaj Pulsar 125 under works; expected to be launched in India by 2019.

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Blue
Bajaj might not retain the LS moniker on the new Pulsar 125

The Bajaj Pulsar 135 is set to make way for a new Pulsar 125 as part of the 2019 norms. The norms specify that motorcycles above 125cc launched post 1st April 2018 have to be equipped with ABS while those below 125cc are required to feature CBS. Existing motorcycles, meanwhile, have been directed to comply with these norms in 2019.

The reason for Bajaj to move down from 135cc to 125cc is fairly simple – cost. The price hike for the Pulsar 135 will be significant because of the mandatory ABS and that will put it a disadvantage. Currently, the Pulsar 135 comes across as a good alternative to the 125cc bikes even though it commands a slight premium. The Pulsar 125 will come powered by a 124.6cc 4-valve engine that used to power the Discover 125 ST. The twin-spark, air-cooled motor makes 13 PS of power and 10.7 Nm of torque. In comparison, the current Pulsar 135 makes 13.5 PS of power and 11.4 Nm of torque. Since the numbers of the 125cc engine and the Pulsar 135 are more or less similar, expect the Pulsar 125 to offer similar levels of performance and fuel-efficiency.

However, what remains unknown at this point is whether the Pune-based automaker will retain the LS tag on the new 125cc Pulsar or not. While it is certain that the Pulsar 125 will be a light and sporty motorcycle (read naked-style motorcycle), it is doubtful that the company will retain the LS moniker, given that the Pulsar 135 hasn’t really wowed the Indian audience since its BS-4 revival. The motorcycle is expected to be launched by April 2019 in India. Nevertheless, Bajaj has the main aspects related to development of the Pulsar 125 sorted – the Pulsar 135’s platform and the engine.

Bajaj Pulsar 125

Bajaj Pulsar 125 to replace the Pulsar 135 LS
– Entry-level Pulsar to come powered by a 125cc engine borrowed from the Discover 125 ST
– To get CBS; India launch in 2019

2012 Discover 125 ST
The automaker discontinued the Discover 125 ST way back in 2014

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