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Ride, Handling and Braking – This Pulsar is not cursed with a wobbly double cradle frame with double sided suspension setup. Instead, it is blessed with a pressed steel perimeter frame and a piggy back gas charged monoshock at the rear, which makes the bike 200 percent times more sure-footed around the corners than the previous generation. The 50-50 weight distribution and mass centralization achieved with the monoshock and underbelly exhaust has dramatically positive effects on handling.

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This frame is stiff and has the capability to handle the power, which the engine produces very fast and in a very dramatic manner. The wheelbase provides stability but before that, the hard tyres give up the grip. The front forks are sorted out perfectly for agility and stability around corners. Don’t expect Yamaha YZF-R15 like feedback since the R15 has a dedicated riding position while the Pulsar 200 NS has a more upright position. However, it does corner fast and hard with great levels of poise and balance. You can move around to get your knee down because of the wide seat.

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Braking is stupendous. The petal discs with floating calipers at the front and rear with Bybre Setup are the best in class. After the R15, the 200 NS has the most powerful brakes. While the Duke 200 has bigger brakes on paper, it lacks the feel that the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS gives because it is a much taller motorcycle. And since this bike is short on length, it helps in reducing braking distances too. And these being petal discs, they reduce unsprung weight and these disc rotors don’t heat up quickly and can go on for hours before fading out. Ride quality is something which is very well executed. The mature suspension setup which is achieved at the front and the back is the best of both worlds, it’s not stiff as the Duke 200 or plush as the Pulsar 220, it’s compliant.

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Miscellaneous – Cost effective measures are taken to make this bike reduce weight. There is no lock for opening side panels. To access the air filter box, the rider seat has bolts instead of the spring loaded action as seen in the older Pulsars, which have to be removed to access the battery. There is hardly any space for keeping anything under the rear seat. It is already pre-occupied with first aid kit, tool kit and the bike documents.

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If the fuel is low, it is shown in the same place where the red-line warning light is. Engine oil, coolant level, disc pad life can be seen without any fuss. Chain tensioner is been adopted, so just lube your motorcycle chain and slackness need not to be adjusted every 1000 kms. Under belly exhaust has been tested in 17 inch of water by Bajaj Auto already. Radiator has already been fitted with a protector against large and harmful objects. Engine protection guard comes as a standard “no accessories” with this bike.

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Please do get your tyres upgraded to the stock specifications but softer compound as soon as possible. The Eurogrips are very hard and wheels lock up very fast with the powerful brakes on wet roads, which will make your drive a lot more safer. Large size people should upgrade to Pulsar 135 rear view mirrors for supreme vision (suit your needs here).

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